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Steele Creek Dairy Farm
Steele Creek runs through this pasture on the Grier Dairy Farm on Brown-Grier Road. Read more
Map of Steele Creek in Mecklenburg County
Click HERE for a larger map of Steele Creek and other maps showing where Steele Creek is located.
  The Steele Creek Community dates back to the 1740's and has been one of the fastest growing residential areas of Mecklenburg County. It also contains one of the highest employment concentrations in the county and is home to several recreation sites. The character of Steele Creek continues to change due to rapid residential, commercial, and other growth in the area. The Steele Creek Residents Association was formed in 1980 to protect the community, to ensure quality development, and to maintain Steele Creek as a great place to live, work, and play. The main purpose of this web site is to share information about services and activities of local government agencies and non-profit organizations in Steele Creek.

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This web site was born to the world on February 25, 2002. It still is under construction, but we expect that to be its permanent fate. Things are changing rapidly in Steele Creek, so this web site will never be complete. Please visit often as you never know what new stuff might show up. Comments, suggestions, questions, corrections, complaints, and other feedback are welcome. (Contact us)

Steele Creek Forum -  Please visit the Steele Creek Residents Association Forum to share your thoughts about Steele Creek with your neighbors and view more news. www.steelecreekforum.org
  Metalmorphosis, a 25 foot rotating sculpture by Czech artist David Cerny, is located at Whitehall Corporate Center near Arrowood Road at I-485 exit 3.

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