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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department posts recent rezoning petitions and related documents on its web site. Related documents include rezoning maps and site plans, staff analysis, and Zoning Committee recommendations, as well as comments by other agencies, such as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Storm Water Services, City Engineering, and Charlotte Department of Transportation. Also listed are contact names, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Only site plans are available for most petitions from 2002 to 2007.

Go to the Planning Department web page and follow the rezoning links to find the petition lists. Petitions are grouped into logs by year. Logs since 2002 list all rezoning petitions. Documents for all petitions since 2008 are available. For petitions from 2002 through 2007, only site plans are available for selected petitions. Click on the petition number in the left column for the detailed information. (Note that online information often is incomplete for current petitions. Petitioners frequently revise plans to address concerns by the City Council, Planning Commission, department staff, or citizens and to improve their chances for approval. Zoning Committee and City Council action may be based on revised plans that may not yet be available online.)

The Charlotte City Council reviews all rezoning petitions within the city limits as well as the city's extraterritorial planning and zoning jurisdiction, or ETJ. Charlotte extended its ETJ in 2001 to include all unincorporated areas within the Steele Creek community.

Click on the petition numbers below for details of rezoning petitions in the Steele Creek area. (Petition numbers in green no longer are available on line. Only site plans are available for petitions for 2007 and earlier.)

Petition Number Area Change Requested Public Hearing Approval
  2020-156   Light Industrial on north side of
 Shopton Road at Pinecrest Drive
 (entrance to Eagle Lake community)
R-3 AIR to
  2020-155   Go Store It South, located north of
 South Tryon Street and west of I-485
I-1 to I-2(CD) TBD  
  2020-133   175 Townhomes on Hamilton Road
 west of Steele Creek Road
R-3 to R-8MF(CD) 1/19/2021  
  2020-119   Office, warehouse, and/or distribution
 facility on north side of Shopton Road
 west of Pinecrest Drive
R-3 AIR to
11/16/2020 12/21/2020
  2020-111   Day Care on north side of Dixie River
 Road north of Shopton Road
R-17MF(CD) to
  2020-053   Kennel expansion on Youngblood
R-3 &
7/20/2020 9/19/2020
  2020-046   Take 5 Oil Change on South Tryon
 Street at Whitehall Park Drive (former
 Applebee's location)
I-1(CD) to
 I-1(CD) SPA
7/20/2020 9/19/2020
  2020-038   119 unit, 3-story senior community on
 Steele Creek Road south of Erwin
 Road (Clover Group)
R-3 to
  2020-020   Office on Arrowood Road at Microsoft
& R-3
to O-2
5/18/2020 6/15/2020
  2020-014   Multi-Family on western side of Erwin
 Road across from Lake Wylie
 Elementary School
R-8MF(CD) to
7/20/2020 12/21/2020
  2020-010   Christ the King Church R-3 to
5/18/2020 6/15/2020
  2019-176   Former Steele Creek Presbyterian
 Church and other nearby parcels east
 of Steele Creek Road and south of
 Byrum Drive, currently owned by
 Charlotte Douglas Airport.
R-3 to
4/20/2020 5/18/2020
  2019-173   Light industrial development on 150
 acres at the southern end of Garrison
 Road, north of Dixie River Road, and
 northwest of Berewick District Park.
R-3 to
  2019-128   Residential units, and continuing care
 community south of Sledge Road
 between Shopton Road West and
 Steele Creek Road.
R-3 to
MX-3 &
10/19/2020 12/21/2020
  2019-118   West side of Beam Road south of Pine
 Oaks Drive.
BD(CD) to I-1 9/23/2019 10/21/2019
  2019-085   Site Plan Amendment for mixed use
 development on Arrowood Road next
 to Top Golf.
MUDD-O to MUDD-O SPA ------------ Withdrawn
  2019-030   Apartments north of S Tryon Street and
 southwest of Erwin Road.
R3 to
7/15/2019 1/21/2020
  2019-016   Townhomes by Lennar Carolinas on
 the south side of Hamilton Road west
 of Smith Road.
R3 to
4/15/2019 5/20/2019
  2019-012   Lidl Grocery on the southwest corner
 of South Tryon Street and Moss Road.
NS to
4/15/2019 5/20/2019
  2018-155   8.39 acres located on the east side of
 Steele Creek Rd at Dixie River Rd
 behind Bojangles and BP. To develop
 with offices and hotels.
R3 to I-1(CD) & MUDD(CD) 4/15/2019 5/20/2019
  2018-146   18.39 acres located on the east side of
 Shopton Rd. West, north of Sledge Rd.
 across from Pine Harbor Rd.
R3 to MX-1 4/15/2019 5/20/2019
  2018-121   Mixed Use development north of
 Arrowood Road and east of I-485
R3, O-1(CD) & I-1(CD) to MUDD-O,
I-1(CD) &
3/18/2019 4/15/2019
  2018-113   Former Hunter Farms Dairy on
 Shopton Road west of the Charlotte
 Vehicle Operations Center at Beam
I-1 to
12/17/2018 1/22/2019
  2018-110   Townhomes on the east side of
 Shopton Road West north of S Tryon
R3 to
4/15/2019 7/15/2019
  2018-109   Site Plan Amendment to allow one or
 two buildings on property west of
 Sandy Porter Road between Shopton
 Road and I-485
I-1(CD) to
11/19/2018 12/17/2018
  2018-108   Workforce housing between S Tryon
 Street and John Price Road across
 from Nevada Boulevard 
I-1 to
11/19/2018 Denied
  2018-091   Site Plan Amendment for McAllister
 Court, on Steele Creek Road across
 from Steele Creek Library 
O-1(CD) to
10/15/2018 11/19/2018
  2018-081   Townhomes on S Tryon Street near
 Wrights Ferry Road
R-3 & B-D(CD)to
10/15/2018 11/19/2018
  2018-077   Townhomes on southwest corner of
 Steele Creek Road and Hamilton Road
R-3 to
9/24/2018 11/19/2018
  2018-037   Townhomes on Steele Creek Road
 north of Southwest Middle School
R-3 to
6/18/2018 7/16/2018
  2018-028   Apartments north of Shopton Road
 across from Charlotte Premium Outlets
BR-3, MX-1, & CC to
5/30/2018 6/18/2018
  2018-007   Improvements to Charlotte Vehicle
 Training Facility at the corner of Beam
 Road and Shopton Road
B-2(CD to
5/30/2018 6/18/2018
  2017-198   South side of Arrowood Road west of
 I-77 at Arrowpoint Blvd
B-D & I-1 to
3/26/2018 4/16/2018
  2017-197   Workforce housing on south side of 
 South Tryon Street east of Youngblood
R-3 to
3/26/2018 4/16/2018
  2017-194   NW corner of I-485 and Steele Creek
 Road next to the Steele Creek
 Volunteer  Fire Station
R-3 to B-2 .......... Withdrawn
  2017-189   New industrial area at end of Horton
 Road, east of Garrison Road, west of
R-3 to I-1(CD) 2/19/2018 3/19/2018
  2017-176   New industrial area on Shopton
 Road at  Pinecrest Drive (entrance to
 Eagle Lake neighborhood)
R-3 to I-1(CD) & I-2(CD) .......... Withdrawn
  2017-148   Site Plan Amendment for Building 5 of
 Steele Creek Place Industrial Park on
 Steele Creek Road at Shopton Road
I-2(CD) to
1/16/2018 2/19/2018
  2017-125   Industrial area on west side of Sandy
 Porter Rd north of I-485
R-3 & I-1(CD) to I-1(CD) &
I-1 (CD) SPA
10/23/2017 11/20/2017
  2017-112   Mixed Use (apartments, office, and
 retail) on SE corner of S Tryon St and
 Youngblood Rd
R-3 to NS 7/16/2018 9/24/2018
  2017-097   Airport property NE of Shopton Rd and
 W of Coffey Creek; to allow
 industrial uses
R-3 to I-2(CD) 3/19/2018 5/21/2018
  2017-093   Carowinds property; to allow for
 hotels or other entertainment/
 hospitality activities
I-2 to I-1 7/17/2017 9/1/2017
  2017-065   Apartments  east of Steele Creek Road
 and south of I-485 at Rigsby Road near
 the Berewick Town Center
R-3 to
  2017-023   Commercial and apartments on
 Steele Creek Rd across from the
 Berewick Town Center
R-3 to
10/15/2018 11/19/2018
  2017-019   Commercial and hotel or offices west
 of  Steele Creek Rd south of I-485
R-3 & CC
NS & O-2(CD)
3/20/2017 4/17/2017
  2017-010   To allow Sanitation Properties LLC
 to expand business to an additional
 lot onShopton Rd
R-3 & I-2(CD) to I-2(CD) &
1/17/2017 2/20/2017
  2016-149   Site plan amendment for office/retail
 center to allow "gourmet grocery" on
 southwest corner of S Tryon St and
 Steele Creek Rd
CC to
12/19/2016 1/17/2017
  2016-133   Climate controlled self storage facility
 on S Tryon Street next to Christ the
 King Church
O-1(CD) to
11/21/2016 12/19/2016
  2016-127   Hotel on southeast corner of Dixie
 River Road and Shopton Road and
 restaurant with drive through on Dixie
 River Road at Trojan Drive
CC & MUDD-O to
11/7/2016 11/21/2016
  2016-122   Restore zoning for industrial property
 and add industrial to two adjacent
 residential lots on Ed Brown Road at
 Steele Creek Road
R-3 and I-2(CD) to
9/19/2016 10/17/2016
  2016-120   292 apartments and 305 townhomes,
 on Grier Farm on Brown-Grier Road
R-3 to
NS &
10/16/2017 12/18/2017
  2016-119   James Morrow Coffey House -
 Amendment to Petition 2005-40 to  allow office uses
O-1(CD) to
11/21/2016 12/19/2016
  2016-116   Townhomes on S Tryon St across  from
 Beam Road at location of historic
 McDowell House (Revision to 2006-149)
MX-1 to
9/19/2016 10/17/2016
  2016-100   Apartments on 41 acres behind
 Gander Mountain at RiverGate
R-3(CD) &
R-17MF(CD) to
9/19/2016 10/17/2016
  2016-056   River District mixed-use development
 in Dixie-Berryhill 
R-3, R-5, I-1 to MUDD-O & MX-1  10/17/2016 11/21/2016
  2016-041   Addition to Horizons at Steele Creek
 Apartments on Steele Creek Rd
R-13 &
R-17MF to
5/16/2016 6/20/2016
  2016-039   Office with possible child care
 facility on S Tryon St next to
 Christ the King Church

R-3 to O-1(CD)
4/18/2016  5/16/2015 
  2016-028   Indoor storage facility on S Tryon St
 at Wrights Ferry Rd
R-3 to BD(CD)  3/21/2016  Denied 
  2016-025   Up to 74 townhomes off S Tryon St
 at Wrights Ferry Rd
R-3 to
& BD(CD)
3/21/2016  5/16/2015 
  2016-009   Shopton Road Industrial Center on
 Sandy Porter Road north of I-485
R-3 to I-1(CD)  1/19/2016  2/15/2015 
  2015-130   North of Dixie River Road and west
 of Shopton Road in Berewick
to CC
.......... Withdrawn
  2015-069   Additional phase of Courtney Oaks
 Apartments, Shopton Rd at S Tryon St
NS to
6/15/2015 7/20/2015
  2015-066  Topgolf entertainment establishment
 at I-485 and W Arrowood Road
BP(CD) & MUDD-O to
9/21/2015 10/20/2015
 2015-054  Add an outparcel at S Tryon St and
 Moss Rd (York Ridge Center)
to B-1 (CD
6/15/2015 12/14/2015
 2015-045   Apartments at Sandy Porter Rd and
 Brown-Grier Rd
R-3, INST(CD), R-8MF(CD)
to UR-2(CD)
4/20/2015 5/18/2015
 2015-033  Averitt Express on Ed Brown Rd I-2 to I-2(CD) 3/16/2015 4/20/2015
 2015-005  Change to allow a cell tower on SIM
 USA property
INST(CD) to INST(CD) SPA 1/20/2015 2/18/2015
 2014-107  Berewick Site Plan Amendment to
 allow additional office uses
CC to CC SPA TBD  Withdrawn 
 2014-091  Time-Warner campus on
 W Arrowood Rd
B-1(CD) &
O-1(CD) to
O-1(CD) &
10/20/2014 11/17/2014
 2014-057  Corner of York Rd and Langston Dr R-3 to O-1 7/21/2014 9/15/2014
 2014-051  Industrial area on Shopton Rd at
 Sandy Porter Rd and Gable Rd
R-3, I-2, &
I-2(CD) to
I-2(CD) &
10/20/2014 11/17/2014
 2014-042  Automobile Service Center at the
 corner of S Tryon St and Moss Rd
NS to NS SPA 12/16/2014 2/18/2015
 2014-031  Palisades Tennis Community MX-3 to
9/15/2014 Denied
 2013-093  Indoor Pet Center on Youngblood Rd
 near McKee Rd
R-3 to
12/16/2013 1/21/2014
 2013-060  Drive through restaurant, convenience
 store, and other building on S Tryon St
 at Steelecroft Pkwy
R-3 to NS 7/15/2013 10/21/13
 2013-021  Industrial area on Steele Creek Road
 between Shopton Rd and I-485
I-1(CD) & R-3
2/18/2013 3/18/2013
 2013-010  Penske Truck Leasing on Brookford
 St near Westinghouse Blvd
I-2 to I-1 2/18/2013 3/18/2013
 2013-004  Office Park on York Rd at Grand
 Palisades Pkwy
R-3 & MX-3 to O-1(CD) 3/18/2013 5/20/2013
 2013-003  Text amendment to allow additional
 signage for planned outlet mall
To allow additional signage .......... Withdrawn
 2013-002  Industrial Park - NE of Sandy Porter
 Road and I-485
I-1 (CD) and O-1 (CD)
2/18/2013 4/15/2013 4/22/2013
 2013-001  Charlotte Premium Outlet Mall
 NW of I-485 and Steele Creek Road
R-3, I-1, CC & CC (SPA)
 CC & CC (SPA)
2/18/2013 4/15/2013 4/22/2013
 2012-101  Addition to Berewick Town Center R3 to CC 12/17/2012 1/22/2013
 2012-086  Industrial area on Steele Creek Road
 between Shopton Rd and I-485
I-1(CD) & R-3
I-1(CD) &
10/15/2012 Denied
 2012-078  Assisted living facility on S Tryon St
 west of Steelecroft
R-3 to
9/24/2012 10/15/2012
 2012-059  Circle K and Bojangles on Steele
 Creek Road at new Dixie River Road
R-3 to NS 6/18/2012 9/24/2012
 2012-041  Huntington Forest addition R-3(CD) to
5/14/2012 6/18/2012
 2012-013  Silver Lake Distribution Center on
 Westinghouse Blvd
I-1 and I-1(CD) to I-2(CD) 3/19/2012 4/16/2012
 2011-083  RiverGate expansion south of Walkers
 Branch Drive (Retail)
to CC
1/17/2012 3/19/2012
 2011-082  RiverGate expansion west of Steele
 Creek Road (Office)
R-17MF(CD) and CC to CC and CC SPA 1/17/2012 3/19/2012
 2011-066  Rose Lake Dr at Beam Road and
 Crossbeam Dr
B-D(CD) to
10/17/2011 1/17/2012
 2011-065  Chapel Cove expansion on Shopton
 Road West
MX-1(Innov) to
2/20/2012 6/25/2012
 2011-056  Hampton Inn on Steele Creek Road
 north of Shopton Road
R-3 to O-2(CD) 9/19/2011 10/17/2011
 2011-045  S Tryon St near Moss Rd - Catholic
 Diocese Senior Housing
R-3 and R-12(CD) to INST(CD) 7/18/2011 9/26/2011
 2011-012  Center Park Drive near Beam Rd I-2(CD) to I-2(CD) SPA 3/21/2011 4/25/2011
 2010-061  Airport Property - Beam Road near
 Yorkmont Road
O-1 & O-15(CD) to I-1(CD) 9/20/2010 10/18/2010
 2010-048  Shopton Road - Machinists and
 Aerospace Workers Union Hall
R-3 to INST(CD) 9/20/2010 10/18/2010
 2010-011  Steele Creek Corporate Park
 (east of Berewick Town Center at I-485)
R-3, BP, CC, & O-2 to CC & I-1(CD) 2/15/2010 3/18/2010
 2009-081  Steele Creek Road - Airport property R-3 to I-2 12/21/2009 1/19/2010
 2009-067  S Tryon near Moss Road R-3 to B-2 12/21/2009 Denied
 2009-056  Steelecroft Parkway - AAA Car Care O-1(CD)&CC to B-1(CD) 7/20/2009 9/21/2009
 2009-037  Berewick Apartments - Dixie River
R-3, MX-1 & CC to
5/19/2009 6/15/2009
 2009-019  Carolinas Medical Center - Steele
 Creek - Site plan amendment
O-2(CD) to
O-2(CD) (SPA)
2/16/2009 3/19/2009
 2009-016  Firestone store on Steele Creek Road
 near Steelecroft
CC to CC (SPA) 2/16/2009 3/19/2009
 2009-002  Erwin Road between Moss Rd and
 S Tryon St (BellSouth)
R-3 to B-2(CD) 12/15/2008 1/20/2009
 2008-155  S Tryon across from Olde Whitehall R-3 to
12/15/2008 2/16/2009
 2008-118  Erwin Rd between Moss Rd and Ivey
 Creek Drive (senior housing)
R-3 to INST(CD) Indefinite deferral ..........
 2008-111  SW corner of Arrowood and Sandy
 Porter Roads (Ruckus House)
R-3 to INST(CD) &
7/21/2008 9/22/2008
 2008-090  SE corner of Arrowood and Sandy
 Porter Roads (hotel)
B-1(CD) &
O-2(CD) to
B-1(CD) &
6/16/2008 7/21/2008
 2008-089  Continental Boulevard I-2 to I-1 6/16/2008 7/21/2008
 2008-076  Ayrsley signage MUDD-O to MUDD-O (SPA) 7/21/2008 11/17/2008
 2008-069  Charlotte-Douglas Airport property Various to I-2 5/19/2008 7/21/2008
 2008-063  Beam Road at Center Park Drive I-1(CD) to B-D (CD) 5/19/2008 6/16/2008
 2008-053  Whitehall Corporate Center BP(CD) to MUDD-O 3/19/2009 4/20/2009
 2008-051  NW corner of S Tryon Street and
 Steele Creek Road
CC to CC SPA 4/21/2008 5/19/2008
 2007-135  S Tryon St near Arrowood Rd B-1SCD to B-1(CD) 10/17/2007 Withdrawn
 2007-121  Dixie River Road
R-3 to B-P(CD) 10/17/2007 11/19/2007
 2007-096  Crosshaven Dr on Lake Wylie
MX-3 & R-3 to MX-1 7/16/2007 9/17/2007
 2007-084  S of Shopton Rd and E of Sandy Porter
R-3 to I-1 7/16/2007 9/17/2007
 2007-025  NE corner of S Tryon St and W
 Arrowood Rd
B-1SCD to B-1 3/19/2007 4/16/2007
 2007-024  SW corner of S Tryon St and Moss Rd R-3 to NS 4/16/2007 5/21/2007
 2007-021  Ayrsley Plan Revision MUDD-O to MUDD-O(SPA) 3/19/2007 4/16/2007
 2007-006  Carowinds Blvd and S Tryon Street I-1 to NS(CD) 2/19/2007 3/19/2007
 2006-149  S Tryon Street at Beam Road
 (McDowell House)
R-3 to MX-1 11/20/2006 12/18/2006
 2006-142  Choate Circle (Gordon-Cornwell
 Theological Seminary)
INST(CD) to INST(CD) SPA 5/21/2007 6/18/2007
 2006-085  Westinghouse Blvd at Goodrich Drive I-1 & I-2 to
7/17/2006 9/18/2006
 2006-080  Steele Creek Road across from library
 (Masonic Lodge)
R-3 to INST(CD) 6/19/2006 7/17/2006
 2006-079  Windygap Road MX-1 to R-5 6/19/2006 7/17/2006
 2006-078  Steele Creek Road between Dixie
 River Road and Shopton Road West
R-3, MX-1, CC, and BP to CC, CC SPA, BP SPA, and
6/19/2006 7/17/2006
 2006-061  York Road E of Shopton Road West R-3 to
R-8 MF (CD)
6/19/2006 7/17/2006
 2006-044  W of Steele Creek Road and N of York
CC to CC(SPA) 3/20/2006 5/15/2006
 2006-023  Steele Creek Crossing Center CC to CC(SPA) 2/20/2006 3/20/2006
 2006-014  NE corner Sandy Porter Road and W  
 Arrowood Rd
R-3 to B1(CD) 2/20/2006 3/20/2006
 2006-005  SE corner Sandy Porter Road and W  
 Arrowood Rd
Various to
O-2(CD), &
4/17/2006 7/17/2006
 2006-004  Shopton Rd east of Sandy Porter Rd R-3 to I1(CD) 3/20/2006 4/17/2006
 2005-153  Ayrsley Plan Revision MUDD-O & CC to
10/19/2005 11/21/2005
 2005-149  NW of York Rd and Steele Creek Rd R-5(CD)/CC/
R-17 MF(CD) to
10/19/2005 11/21/2005
 2005-135  Hamilton Rd at Youngblood Rd R-3 & O-1 to RE-1 (CD) 9/19/2005 10/19/2005
 2005-134  Shopton Rd near Pleasant Way R-3 to I-2(CD) 9/19/2005 10/19/2005
 2005-130  SW of York Rd and Steele Creek Rd R-3 to O-2(CD) 9/19/2005 10/19/2005
 2005-122  Sandy Porter Rd at S Tryon St R-17 MF to NS 9/19/2005 5/20/2006
 2005-073  S Tryon St and Moss Rd I-1 (CD) to O-1(CD) 5/16/2005 6/20/2005
 2005-061  Beam Rd at Center Park Dr B-D(CD) to I-1(CD) 4/18/2005 5/16/2005
 2005-058  York Rd W of Steele Creek Rd R-17MF(CD) to O-1(CD) 4/18/2005 5/16/2005
 2005-050  Westinghouse Blvd W of Fruehauf Dr I-2 to I-1 4/18/2005 5/16/2005
 2005-040  Shopton Road W of Pleasant Way Rd R-3 to )-1 (CD) 5/21/2005 4/18/2005
 2005-038  Rose Lake Dr E of Beam Rd B-D(CD&
I-1(CD) to O-1
2/21/2005 2/21/2005
 2004-150  S Tryon St at Erwin Rd R-8MF(CD) to INST(CD) 12/20/2004 2/21/2005
 2004-147  S Tryon St at Erwin Rd R-3 & R-8(CD) to R-12MF(CD) 12/20/2004 2/21/2005
 2004-132  John Price Road near S Tryon St CC to CC SPA 11/15/2004 12/20/2004
 2004-116  Shopton Road W near Steele Creek Rd R-3 to R-4 11/15/2004 Withdrawn
 2004-064  SE corner York and Steele Creek Rds Various to CC 9/20/2004 10/18/2004
 2004-044  Sandy Porter Road at I-485 R-3 to O-1(CD) 4/19/2004 5/17/2004
 2004-043  Ayrsley I-1 to
4/19/2004 7/19/2004
 2004-032  S Tryon St north of Arrowood Road B-1SCD to
B-1(CD) & BD(CD)
...... Withdrawn
 2004-005  Shopton Road near Sandy Porter Road B-1 to B-2(CD) ......  
 2004-002  Youngblood Road near York Road B-2(CD) to R-3 1/20/2004 2/16/2004
 2003-109  Sandy Porter Road s of Oakhaven Dr R-8(CD) None Withdrawn
 2003-031  Steele Creek Subdivision Addition R-3 to R-4 None Withdrawn
 2003-026  York Road (Hwy 49) at Moss Road R-17MF to
3/17/2003 4/21/2003
 2003-024  Shopton Road West
 (Island Pointe/ Sanctuary)
Various to MX-1
4/21/2003 5/19/2003
 2003-014  Township Road west of S Tryon Street  R-17MF to
2/17/2003 3/17/2003
 2002-141  Zoar Road at county line R-3 to R-4(CD) None Withdrawn
 2002-118  S Tryon Street at Whitehall Park Drive  I-1(CD) Site Plan Amendment 10/23/2002 11/18/2002
 2002-117  York Rd (Hwy 49) at Erwin Road  R-3 to
10/23/2002 11/18/2002
 2002-102   Westinghouse Boulevard at Steele
R-MH I-1 9/17/2002 10/23/2002
 2002-065  B & B on Youngblood Road near York
R-3 to B-2(CD) 6/17/2002 10/28/2002
 2002-052  Hamilton Road at Steele Creek Road R-3 to MX-1 6/17/2002 Denied
 2002-007  Moody Lake Office Park O-2(CD) to
3/18/2002 4/15/2002
 2002-005  Atapco; Shopton Road at Steele Creek
R-3 and B-1 to I-1(CD) 1/22/2002 2/18/2002 
 2001-142  Byrum Drive at Steele Creek Road   2/18/2002 3/18/2002
 2001-140  Whitehall Commons    3/18/2002 4/15/2002
 2001-132  Ayrsley   10/17/2001 12/17/2001
 (Mecklenburg County Review)
  10/9/2001 12/11/2001