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Who Maintains your Streets?

(June 6, 2023) Do you know who maintains your streets? The North Carolina Department of Transportation maintains major thoroughfares within municipalities and all public roads in unincorporated areas in North Carolina. The City of Charlotte and other municipalities maintain all other public roads within municipalities. Counties in North Carolina do not maintain any roads.

The map below shows street maintenance responsibilities in Steele Creek. Red lines represent streets maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Green lines represent streets maintained by the City of Charlotte Department of Transportation. Gray lines represent streets that are not publicly maintained. Homeowners associations or other homeowners are responsible for street maintenance where neither North Carolina Department of Transportation nor the City of Charlotte maintains the streets, unless property owners can get the state or city to accept maintenance.

Many streets, especially in unincorporated areas, are not publicly maintained. Developers, builders, or homeowners may not have requested that the state or city take over maintenance of these streets. For some streets, a request may be under review. Some streets may not meet state or city standards and may require an upgrade. (Many streets are within apartment, townhouse, or condominium complexes and were intended to remain private.)

If your street is not publicly maintained, and you would like to know if it is eligible for public maintenance and what the process is for receiving public maintenance, contact the following:

  • If you are within the Charlotte city limits, call 311.
  • If you are within an unincorporated area, contact Felix A. Obregon, District Engineer, District 2: Mecklenburg, (980) 523-0000, faobregon@ncdot.gov.

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