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West Leg of I-485 Now Won't Open Until after Labor Day

(August 14, 2004) Dianne Whitacre, The Charlotte Observer's Dr. Traffic, reports that the new
8-mile section of I-485 from Arrowood Road to I-85 is not expected to open until after Labor Day. A bridge near Old Dowd Road needs an additional layer of concrete and won't be ready in time for the opening ceremony, which is still planned for August 24.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation plans to open the whole section to I-85 at once. (They previously had planned to open the section from Arrowood Road to Wilkinson Boulevard a few weeks before opening the big interchange at I-85.)

Other parts of Mecklenburg County have experienced major changes when sections of I-485 have opened through them. Steele Creek is experiencing major changes already and should expect more after August 25.

Find out more in Ms. Whitacre's articles: Southwest I-485 hits delay (8/13), State plans ceremony for outer belt opening (7/23), and Look west on I-485 shortly after Aug. 25 (7/18). (You will need to register with the Observer to view archived articles. Links should remain active for at least a year.)