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The Steele Creek Residents Association originally was formed in 1980 to fight a hazardous waste incinerator that was planned behind Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church. The new association ended up suing to stop the construction.

After that, the group decided to stay intact to monitor other things happening in the community and to make sure they never were surprised again.

The Association adopted new Bylaws in November 2018. See Steele Creek Residents Association Adopts New Bylaws.

Executive Board of Directors

The Executive Board of Directors consists of nine members with staggered three-year terms. The following are the current members and officers of the Board of Directors, with the dates that each member's term expires:

Javier Lopez, President (February 2026)
Carla Brazzell (February 2024)
Nick Clift (February 2025)
Virginia Keogh (February 2025)
Justin McDonald (February 2024)
Jeanne Morel (February 2026)
Rodger Nolden (February 2025)
Abdul Sihlangu (February 2024)
Dave Wiggins (February 2023)


Land Use Committee

The Land Use Committee was formed and worked with the Planning Commission to make sure that the association received notices of any rezoning petitions within Steele Creek and to make sure that the Planning Commission informed the petitioners to meet with the committee. That arrangement has continued and has given the association the opportunity to review and comment on any development plans that require rezoning. Members regularly speak at City Council rezoning hearings about development plans within Steele Creek.

The Land Use Committee continues to stay informed about new construction and rezoning petitions and meets with developers to review, comment on, and potentially improve plans to the benefit of the community.

The current members of the Land Use Committee (in addition to the Board of Directors) are as follows:

Jeanne Fraser
Henry Martinat
Daniel MacRae
Walter Neeley
Andrea Uhlir

Greenways Committee (Steele Creek Community Trail Committee)

In summer 2003 a group of citizens began meeting to promote the development of a network of trails throughout Steele Creek. In May 2004 the Residents Association established the Steele Creek Community Trail Committee to provide structure to the group. The committee was renamed the Greenways Committee in February 2020. The Committee meets irregularly to promote trails in Steele Creek. For more information, visit the Steele Creek Community Trail web site or e-mail scra.greenways@gmail.com. .


Board of Directors and Land Use Committee

The Board of Directors and Land Use Committee meet on the second Tuesday of each month. For information about the time and location of meetings, please email info@steelecreekresidents.org.


The association typically meets annually in February or March. Representatives from a variety of organizations are invited to give presentations on issues of interest to local residents. Over two dozen government and non-profit organizations staff tables at the Meet and Mingle session before the presentations.

Violence Prevention, Highways, Schools, and Greenways were Topics at the 2023 Residents Association Annual Meeting

There were no meetings in 2021 and 2022 due to COVID.

In 2020, staff with the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department gave a presentation on the county's plans for greenways in Steele Creek, and Association President Karl Froelich gave a presentation on his vision for Steele Creek.

The 2019 meeting had presentations from the Mecklenburg County Tax Assessor's Office and Charlotte Planning Director Jaiyeoba and other staff from the Charlotte Planning Department.

Stuart Basham presented an update on the highway projects in Steele Creek planned by the North Carolina Department of Transpiration (NCDOT) at the 2018 meeting,

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney was the featured speaker at the 2017 meeting. There also were presentations on highway projects and the development and programs of Alignment Southwest Charlotte, which fosters partnerships between businesses and other community organizations and local schools. 

Presentations at the 2016 meeting again were about transportation, but also staff of the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections provided an update on the 2016 Election.

At the 2015 meeting, staff from the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Department discussed road improvement plans, and developers presented plans for the Berewick Town Center.

At the 2014 meeting, residents received updates on the prospects for widening Highway 160 and on the new Charlotte Premium Outlets and other development. These also were the primary topics at the 2013 meeting.

The focus of the 2012 meeting was jobs and economic development in Steele Creek.

 Mecklenburg County Manager Harry Jones spoke at the 2011 meeting.

The featured speaker at the 2010 meeting was Coach Joe White of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board.

The theme of the 2009 meeting was "Our Children Deserve a Safe and Healthy Steele Creek Community." Speakers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department included Officer Lisa Speas of the Steele Creek Youth Network and Chief Rodney Monroe.

At the 2008 meeting, speakers included Guy Chamberlain, Associate Superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Captain John Williams, Commander of the Steele Creek Division of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, and Chris Hummer of Carolinas Medical Center,

The 2007 meeting focused on deteriorating facilities at Olympic High School and other school needs. \

The primary speaker for the 2006 meeting was Chief Darrel Stephens of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Other past speakers have represented Charlotte-Douglas Airport, the Charlotte and North Carolina Department of Transportation, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library and the Steele Creek Branch Library, the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department, the Charlotte Fire Department, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department, and various residential and commercial developers.

Web Site

The purpose of this web site is to promote community involvement, to promote non-profit organizations and activities, to keep the public aware of government (state, county, city, and schools) activities in Steele Creek, and to keep the community aware of new development and other major changes in Steele Creek Community. Input is welcome and strongly encouraged.  To support this purpose, we encourage free and wide distribution of any information found on this site without restriction, except that we would like to receive credit for information used.

Please send any announcements or news items to info@steelecreekresidents.org and we'll be glad to post them. Also please visit and actively participate in our Facebook page.

Email List

Click here: EMAIL LIST to subscribe to our e-mail distribution list and receive notices about the annual meeting and other announcements of community interest. An average of about four messages are sent to this list each year.


Membership is $10 per calendar year. Dues typically pay for expenses associated with the annual meeting and web site, and there is a small reserve fund if needed for some future issue. Since 2009 some dues collected have been donated to other organizations and causes, including the Olympic Foundation, the Steele Creek Athletic Association, and the Steele Creek Youth Network. If you would like to support the Association with your membership, please send your check with your name, address, and email address to:

Steele Creek Residents Association
PO Box 39396
Charlotte, NC 28278

Or click on the PayPal button to pay $11 (including a $1 convenience fee) with PayPal or a credit card. If you pay with a credit card, please check the box to "Share your mailing address with the Steele Creek Residents Association so that they can acknowledge your donation."

Note that annual dues are not tax deductible.