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Charlotte Plans Major Annexation in Steele Creek in 2005

(May 10, 2004) Next July 1, almost 10,000 residents of Steele Creek likely will become new Charlotte residents whether they want to or not. The city typically follows a two-year cycle of involuntary annexations, and Steele Creek is the major target area for the current cycle. Areas generally qualify if they contain dense residential development, but sparsely populated areas also can qualify if they are averaged in with adjacent single-family, condominium, and apartment developments. Targeted areas include virtually all new residential developments in Steele Creek that aren't already in the city, plus the lower density areas in between them.

To see maps of the targeted areas in PDF format, click on the images below.  (You will need to download free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these images.)

Steele Creek North Annexation Qualifying Area   Steele Creek South Annexation Qualifying Area

For a review and discussion of Charlotte's annexation process, see the following news story: Study Areas for 2005 Annexation Identified in Steele Creek (Steele Creek Residents Association, November 25, 2004)

Additional information is available at this site: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission Annexation Information.

Also see City Eyes 9,000 New Acres (Charlotte Observer, May 10, 2004) (You will need to register with the Observer to view this item. Links should remain active for at least a year.)