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Charlotte Observer Publishes 2004 Lake Guide

(April 18,  2004) In 1904, W. Gil Wylie's Catawba Power Company built a small hydroelectric station on the Catawba River that created a 668 acre lake. In 1925 a larger dam replaced this first station and created the current 12,000 acre lake, which was named Lake Wylie in 1960.

Now, a hundred years later, the lake provides recreation, drinking water, and wildlife habitats while new development along and near its shores herald coming changes and environmental pressures on the lake. It is one of the most heavily used among Duke Power Company's chain of 11 Catawba River reservoirs.

The Charlotte Observer published a special section for lake lovers in its April 18 issue. Below are links to stories that provide information on Lake Wylie:

Lake Wylie grows toward change
Lake Wylie - A top spot for tourist water sports
Lake Wylie volunteer opportunities
YMCA camp no isolated retreat
Lake Wylie clubs
Lake Wylie calendar
Lake lingo
Contact your marine commissioner

(You will need to register with the Observer to view these items. Links should remain active for at least a year.)