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Suspension Bridge Spans Steele Creek, but...
(It's in South Carolina)

(February 28,  2004) After it flows through the Steele Creek community of Mecklenburg County, Steele Creek continues into York County, South Carolina, joining Sugar Creek at the York/Lancaster County line. Along the way it passes near Fort Mill through the Anne Springs Close Greenway, a gift to the region from the eight children of Anne Springs Close and H. William Close.

Consisting of approximately 2,000 acres of oak-hickory dogwood forests, shimmering lakes and rolling pastures, the Anne Springs Close Greenway is a beautiful park-like area that provides:

  • a buffer against urban encroachment
  • low impact recreating such as horseback riding and hiking
  • watershed protection
  • environmental and historical interpretation
  • rental facilities for both formal and informal events
  • recreational and educational activities
  • wildlife habitat

    The greenway operates a trail system that is 32 miles long and growing.

    The Nations Ford Road Trail follows the old route used by Native Americans, traders, settlers, and Revolutionary soldiers. Where it crosses Steele Creek, horses and hardy souls can wade across, but the brave can venture across on a 125-foot suspension bridge that swings and sways with each step. The trail also passes an authentic log cabin dating back to the year 1800.

    The Anne Springs Close Greenway is the only recreational area offering public access to Steele Creek. The length of Steele Creek in Mecklenburg County is on the Parks Department's Master Greenway Plan, but greenway trails won't appear for years in the future.  For now, the Anne Springs Close Greenway offers a  great way to enjoy Steele Creek through a natural setting.

    DIRECTIONS: From Carowinds Boulevard, continue south past I-77 where it becomes US Hwy 21 and US Hwy 21 Bypass. The main entrance to the greenway is about 2.6 miles on the left.



    Adrian Birds crosses Steele Creek on the suspension bridge along the Nations Ford Trail at Anne Springs Close Greenway near Fort Mill, South Carolina (February 21, 2004)