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CMPD's Steele Creek Division Services Steele Creek

(February 26,  2004) The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department recently gave its 12 patrol districts geographic names to make them more recognizable. Adam 1 is now the Steele Creek Division. Its area covers the southwestern part of Mecklenburg County, generally bounded on the north by I-85 and on the east by Billy Graham Parkway, South Boulevard, and the Pineville town limits. (See MAP.)

The division office is located in the old police and fire academy building at 1750 Shopton Road (behind the new academy building at the corner of Beam Road and Shopton Road).

Diego Anselmo became captain of the division in January. He previously led the Police Department's International Relations Unit and is now the highest ranking Latino in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. (See Charlotte Observer story on Captain Anselmo.)

Most of the 84 officers in the division patrol in one of four response areas, but the division also operates squads of Problem Solving Officers, Lake Wylie Patrol, and Community Coordinators.

Who should you call?

Call 911 if a crime is in progress or has just happened and you believe the person responsible may still be in the area or you can identify the person. Always dial 911 if someone is in imminent danger, but you also can call for instances of vandalism, public
disturbances, or other crimes.

Call the police non-emergency number and file a report if you discover a theft, damage from vandalism, or similar crime, and no one is in the area and you don't know who was responsible. These would be situations where the presence of an officer would not benefit the outcome of the case. You may need a report for an insurance claim. Additionally, police use statistics from the reports to assess patterns and tendencies. If you dial 911 and your request isn't urgent, you likely will be redirected to the non-emergency number. Also consider using the CMPD Online Crime Reporting System.

If you have ongoing problems in your community, contact the Community Coordinator for your area. Community Coordinators serve as the district's primary communications links to its communities and their leaders. They work more closely with community leadership to ensure that resources are coordinated to address repeat offenses, community crime, and quality of life problems. They also work with other local agencies, such as codes enforcement, to coordinate efforts to review and resolve problems.

Although problem solving is expected of all officers, Community Coordinators are not tied to primary responses to 911 calls for service or shifts. This enables them to adjust their schedules to work closely with communities on their problems and coordinate many of the activities necessary to successfully address those problems.

Officer Sonja Earnest, Community Coordinator for Response Area 2 said "Our role is to serve as a liaison between the police department and residential and business communities.  We also serve as catalysts to initiate problem-solving partnerships between the community and police.  We do everything from answering calls for service to organizing community watch

You may contact the Community Coordinator for your response area at the Steele Creek Division office at 704-336-7800 or by email at the appropriate address below:

Response Area 1:
Officer Donna Burgess

Response Area 2:
Officer Sonja Earnest

Response Area 3:
Officer Travis Pardue

Response Area 4:
Officer Jeff Brown

Visit the Steele Creek Division page of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department web site for more information.



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