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Emails.....We Get Emails.....

(February 23,  2004) We frequently get emails to our address at info@steelecreekresidents.org or through the form on the Contact Us page. We turn many of these into news stories or otherwise use information in them to update the web site or add new links. Many have questions, and we answer what we can.

If folks have questions about the Residents Association, we can answer those. If they have questions about new developments or the stories on the news page, we'll try to answer those.

We've received several questions about youth sports, and we refer them to the Steele Creek Athletic Association. We refer other questions to appropriate contacts if we can.

But some questions are more difficult, and some stump us entirely. Here are some actual messages (with typos and all) from 2003. We couldn't answer many of these questions, but we did what we could.

DATE: 19 Feb 2003
Politics and government: Types of city government, political action groups, political party affiliations and any other comments you feel pertain to this. thank you

We weren't sure if this was a question or what, but it came at about the same time as two other messages from nursing students at UNCC who were writing papers about Steele Creek. One asked about recreation in Steele Creek. For instance "Swimmimg pools,...movie theatres, social clubs, bowling alleys, sports bars, pool halls, restaurants, ect..." The other asked about union activity in Steele Creek.

DATE: 27 Feb 2003
How would I go about finding out about leasing retail space in either Ayrsley or Berewick? Thankyou for any information you may have.

We provided what contacts we had, but we don't give business advice.

DATE: 17 Jun 2003
I am trying to locate my Homeowners Association to advise of a problem with a neighbor and their yard. My address is .... Do I pay my dues to you?

The Steele Creek residents Association is not a homeowners association, which most new developments in Steele Creek have, and we don't have a good list of these. Homeowners should have received information about homeowners dues from their association's property manager.

DATE: 03 Jul 2003
How do we find out if our roof is covered under a warrantly? A part of our master bedroom ceiling has come down. Thank you.

Sorry, call your builder.

DATE: 23 Jul 2003
Please call me concerning insurance requirements for youth sports. Thanks!

We weren't sure if this guy was buying or selling, but it turned out the Athletic Association was what he needed.

DATE: 13 Aug 2003
SUBJECT: Home Addition
....I am in the process of getting estimates on adding a room to my house but need to know the Association's rules. Can you please let me know if an addition is allowed...

Another homeowner association question.

DATE: 30 Aug 2003
please send me information

This was the complete message. No clue what they wanted.

DATE: 10 Sep 2003
I was wondering if I could get a list of the e-mail addresses of all memebers of Steele Creek. My boss that work for is requesting this information in considering moving there.

Thank you

Although we have email addresses for some members, we don't have a comprehensive list. But even if we did, we wouldn't distribute it outside the association.

Don't know why someone thinking of moving to Steele Creek would need email addresses anyway.

DATE: 11 Sep 2003
I was born and raised in the community with at least 5 generations in Steele Creek and take much pride. Many family members are buried in the Steele Creek Preb. Church graveyard. Why doesn't "your" association include "Dixie" in Steele Creek. Furthermore, I have never heard of this association. Why is this?

The Steele Creek community generally includes the area south of the airport and west of I-77. The northern boundary used on the maps on this web site follows the northern boundary of Steele Creek Township west of Hwy 160. The news page has several stories about the Upper Steele Creek area, including ones about Berewick, the future Upper Steele Creek District Park, and the Dixie-Berryhill Thoroughfare Plan.

Many people in Steele Creek don't know about the Residents Association. It's mentioned every once in a while in the Charlotte Observer, and we'll take whatever other publicity that we can get.

Date: 24 Nov 2003
Is membership limited to those living in the neighborhood or can "outsiders" join to support Steelecreek?

Everyone interested in supporting Steele Creek is welcome. Membership information is on the About the Association page.

And finally....

DATE: 20 Dec 2003

Another mystery. If it's a neighborhood sign, contact your homeowners association. If it's a regular street sign, contact the Charlotte DOT if you're inside Charlotte and the NC DOT if you're outside Charlotte. (Don't know why they had to shout.)