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Bad Dirt in Steele Creek Causes Delay in I-485 Opening

(August 17,  2003) Dianne Whitaker, also known as Dr. Traffic, reported in the Charlotte Observer today that the opening of I-485 from Arrowood Road has been delayed until spring because of unusable dirt between Arrowood Road and Steele Creek Road. This section still hasn't been paved. Whitaker writes:

That section had poor quality dirt that won't compact well and would have caused pavement to crack. So it was hauled away and will be replaced with "good dirt."

Rains held up the project for a few months, but the actual delay will be much longer because that stretch won't be ready for paving before the state's November 1 deadline. The state generally does not allow paving after that date because of cold weather. So the paving and opening will be delayed until spring, said Ron Graham, resident traffic engineer with the N.C. Department of Transportation.