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Help Name the New Southwest Middle School

(March 11,  2003) A new middle school will open in Steele Creek this fall, and it has no name. But YOU have an opportunity to help choose a name that will define the new school's character and identity and will help get it off to a great start!

The Steele Creek community is rich in traditions and history. There are many local geographic and family names that would be appropriate for the school's name and would help tie it to the community.

Parents and friends can make their suggestions and join the discussion at either of two "Name the School" meetings on March 18 and 24. Each meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. at Steele Creek Elementary School. Dr. Michael Shrader, former principal of Steele Creek Elementary School, is the newly named principal of the new middle school. Dr. Shrader will submit recommendations to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board, which will make the final decision on the school's name. 

You also may email your suggestions for names to: newsouthwest@cms.k12.nc.us.

For more information on the process to name this and four other new schools, visit the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools web site.

Location of New Southwest Middle School:

The new middle school is on Steele Creek Road (Hwy 160) about 1/3 mile north of York Road (Hwy 49). Below is an image taken from the county's new Property Ownership Land Records Information System, or POLARIS. This view shows the intersection of Steele Creek Road  and York Road. The large, odd-shaped building near the top is the new school. The rectangular area between the school and Steele Creek Road is the site of the new Steele Creek Branch Library. The map in the upper left shows the location of the photograph within Mecklenburg County.

Location of Steele Creek Elementary School:

To get to the meetings at Steele Creek Elementary School, take Arrowood Road west from 
S Tryon Street. Continue past the Whitehall development, the new I-485 interchange, and the traffic signal at Sandy Porter Road. (Arrowood Road's name changes to Brown-Grier Road at Sandy Porter Road.) Continue on Brown-Grier Road. You will see Kennedy Middle School on the right. Turn right at the traffic signal just past Kennedy Middle School. This is Gallant Lane. Continue to the Steele Creek Elementary School parking lot at the end of Gallant Lane.

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