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No Charlotte Annexations in Steele Creek for 2003

(September 5,  2002) Earlier this week Charlotte planners announced eight areas that the city will consider for annexation in 2003. None of the targeted areas are in Steele Creek.

Last year the city identified ten areas that would be evaluated to see if they met state standards for involuntary annexation. One of these study areas included unincorporated areas east of Steele Creek Road along Shopton Road. However, final list did not include any of this area.

Charlotte has followed a regular schedule of annexing large parcels every two years. One of the seven areas Charlotte annexed on July 1, 2001 was a  987-acre area that included several neighborhoods along Sandy Porter Road and Brown-Grier Road, office and commercial development in Whitehall, and three schools.

Charlotte will hold an informational meeting and a public hearing on the proposed annexation areas this fall. The City Council will vote on the annexations in December and they will become effective on July 1, 2003.

Due to rapid growth in Steele Creek, portions of the area likely will be included in Charlotte's next round of annexations in 2005.

For more information, visit the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission web site.