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Mecklenburg County Commissioners Approve Palisades Development

(December 12, 2001) The Mecklenburg County Commissioners approved zoning changes that will allow the Palisades Development to proceed in southwest Mecklenburg County.

The Planning Commission had unanimously rejected the project a week earlier, but developers made last-minute changes that satisfied many concerns about water quality. The development is in the Lake Wylie watershed, and opponents believed that grading, tree cutting, and fertilizer would contribute to significant lake pollution and situation in coves.

Plans for the 1,500-acre development include 4,145 homes, a golf course, an equestrian center, offices, and stores. It is located just east of Lake Wylie and south of York Road (NC Highway 49). The primary developer is Crescent Resources, Duke Energy's land development subsidiary. Duke Power built Lake Wylie in 1904, and most of the property along the lake shore was sold long ago. Thus Palisades has almost no direct access to Lake Wylie.

Early phases of the development will center on the southern section where the golf course, equestrian center, and most detached homes will be located. later phases include a commercial center and attached housing in the northern section. Completion of the entire project is expected in ten years.