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Brown-Grier Road Upgrades Planned

(October 21, 2019) Brown-Grier Road will be upgraded in at least two phases. First, the developers of the Pringle Square apartments will add turn lanes from Brown Grier Road into the new apartments that currently are under construction, and second, the City of Charlotte will widen the road to four lanes with curbs and multi-use trails as part of the city's Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (CNIP) for the Whitehall/Ayrsley area. The image below shows the detail for improvements at Cedar Hill Drive, with the Pringle Square improvement on the left and the city's improvements on the right. Click HERE to view a larger version of this image.

Charter Properties is building 292 apartments on the former Grier dairy farm. They will add both right and left turn lanes into the Pringle Square apartment development between Steele Creek Road and Steele Creek (the creek). This is the absolute minimum amount of improvements Pringle Square must pay for and make to meet North Carolina Department of Transportation requirements. The improvements must be completed before they can get occupancy permits and rent out apartments.

They are not making additional changes since those would need to be torn out when the city begins their project. Additionally, Charter Properties is contributing almost $900,000 towards the city's project as well as donating right of way.

Click HERE to view detailed engineering plans for the improvements by Charter Properties.

Pulte Homes plans to build townhouses east of the apartments. They likely will be required to contribute to road upgrades also, but their development has not been permitted yet.

The City of Charlotte is making further Brown-Grier Road upgrades as part of CNIP. The $18.8 million cost is being funded through Neighborhood Improvement Bonds.

The CNIP project includes widening Brown-Grier Road and Arrowood Road from Steele Creek Road to Whitehall Park Drive to four lanes with turn lanes, curbs, and multi-use paths. It includes significant upgrades to the Brown-Grier Road/Arrowood Road/Sandy Porter Road intersection. It also includes completing sidewalks on Sandy Porter Road where the gap exists north of Red Hickory Lane and continuing north of Brown-Grier Road past Olympic High School to Williams Glenn Road.

The city project is in the design phase. The first objective of the design work is to identify what land is needed for right of way. That is about finished. Property owners should be getting letters about right of way acquisition soon after the first of the year.

Right of way should be acquired by the middle of 2020.

Utility relocation comes next, followed by putting the project out for bid.

Construction should start in early 2021 and be completed by 2023.

Click HERE to view detailed engineering plans for the improvements by the city through CNIP.

The diagram below shows the site plan for the apartments and townhouses.

The CNIP projects also include Ayrsley Town Boulevard improvements (which are complete),  Sandy Porter Road/S Tryon Street intersection improvements, and a Westinghouse Boulevard multiuse trail. The last two projects are in the design phase.

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