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Highway 160 Steele Creek Rezoning Petitions for January 2019

(January 29, 2019) At its January 22 rezoning meeting, the Charlotte City Council approved Rezoning Petition 2018-113, which rezones the former Hunter Farms Dairy site west of the Charlotte Vehicle Operations Center on Shopton Road from I-1 to Institutional. Charter Schools USA plans to build, manage, and run a K-8 charter school called Steele Creek Preparatory Academy.

No other rezoning petitions is Steele Creek were on the January agenda for Public Hearings or decisions.

The following petitions in Steele Creek are outstanding. None have had Public Hearings scheduled as of January 29. Please click on the links for each petition to view the current status.

2017-065 - Apartments at the end of Rigsby Road east of Clearview Acres subdivision off Steele Creek Road south of I-485 near the Berewick Town Center. Parcel # 20107504.

2018-110 - Mattamy Homes plans to build up to 240 townhomes on a 38.4 acre site on the east side of Shopton Road West, north of South Tryon Street. and west of the McDowell Place and Charlotte Pines neighborhoods. The current zoning at 3 units per acre allows up to 115 single family homes. Mattamy plans up to 240 townhomes, which would be 6.25 units per acre. They plan buffers with adjoining neighborhoods. Parcel # 19901102.

2018-121 - Mixed use development on approximately 265 acres east of Sandy Porter Road and I-485 and north of Arrowood Road, across from the entrance to Topgolf. Uses requested include up to 73,000 square feet office, retail, restaurant, and other commercial uses, a hotel, up to 270 residential units, and up to 2,000,000 square feet of warehouse, distribution, and other permitted uses. Petitioner will provide various road and intersection upgrades, including signals at the development entrance on Sandy Porter Road and at the development entrance on Arrowood Road (across from Topgolf). Parcel # 20105106, 20105108, and 20145101.

This property was previously rezoned in 2013 to allow construction of a billboard for the Outlet Mall on I-485. See Petition 2013-002.

2018-146 - Single family development on the east side of Shopton Road West just north of Sledge Road. Plans call for 48 units oriented towards baby boomers on 18.39 acres (2.61 units per acre). This is less than the 3 units per acre allowed by current zoning. The MX-1 zoning would allow innovative features, such as smaller lot size, on-street parking, and alleys. The plans include significant tree save areas. Parcel # 19911106.

Developers also plan to build single family housing on Parcel # 19911103 to the north, which does not require rezoning.

The two new sections would connect to Chapel Cove subdivision to the north but not be part of Chapel Cove. The northern section would have road access to Shopton Road West.

2018-155 - Hotel(s) and offices, including "light assembly of computers, tablets, and their components" on the extension of Dixie River Rd east of the Bojangles, dentist office, and the BP near the Berewick Town Center. Parcel # 20109115.  

Petition number not available online - Lidl plans to build a grocery on the southwest corner of South Tryon Street and Moss Road (across from Good Shepherd UMC). The rezoning petition has not been posted yet, but it will be a site plan amendment to revise previous zoning approved for a Pep Boys store. Lidl dropped previous plans to build near the Berewick Town Center. At 29,000 square feet this store will be smaller than the earlier planned Lidl. Road improvements, including intersection improvements, are anticipated.

Petition Number Area Change Requested Public Hearing Approval
  2018-155   8.39 acres located on the east side of
 Steele Creek Rd at Dixie River Rd
 behind Bojangles and BP. To develop
 with offices and hotels.
R3 to I-1(CD) & MUDD(CD) TBD  
  2018-146   18.39 acres located on the east side of
 Shopton Rd. West, north of Sledge Rd.
 across from Pine Harbor Rd.
R3 to MX-1 TBD  
  2018-121   Mixed Use development north of
 Arrowood Road and east of I-485
R3, O-1(CD) & I-1(CD) to MUDD-O,
I-1(CD) &
  2018-113   Former Hunter Farms Dairy on
 Shopton Road west of the Charlotte
 Vehicle Operations Center at Beam
I-1 to
12/17/2018 1/22/2019
  2018-110   Townhomes on the east side of
 Shopton Road West north of S Tryon
R3 to
  2017-065   Apartments  east of Steele Creek Road
 and south of I-485 at Rigsby Road near
 the Berewick Town Center
R-3 to

See the location of current rezoning petitions on the map below. For more detail, see Polaris 3G, the County's Premiere Real Estate Mapping Tool featuring property info, assessed values, sales, and a lot more!

The next zoning meeting of the Charlotte City Council will be on February 18 at the Government Center (600 East 4th Street). You may view this meeting and past meetings HERE.

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