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Public Hearing for Rezoning for Apartments and Townhomes on Brown-Grier Road is October 16

(October 7, 2017) The Charlotte City Council has scheduled a Public Hearing for Rezoning Petition 2016-120 for Monday October 16 at their regular Rezoning Meeting beginning at 5:30 PM at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center. See City Council Meetings and Documents.

The petitioners plan to build 292 apartments and 305 townhomes on part of the Grier Farm on the north side of Brown-Grier Road. The apartments would be built by Charter Properties, and the townhomes would be built by Pulte Home Corporation. When they originally submitted the petition in June 2016, the petitioners wanted approval for the 292 apartments, but also 550 townhomes on both sides of Brown Grier Road and an 80,000 square foot shopping center on the corner of Brown-Grier Road and Steele Creek Road. The Shopping center and townhomes south of Brown-Grier Road have been removed from the petition.

The petition requests a total of 597 dwelling units on 72.8 acres, or 8.20 dwelling units per acre. Rezoning categories include R-8 (up to 8 dwelling units per acre) and R-12 (up to 12 dwelling units per acre). The request is for R-12 because the planned density (8.2 units per acre) exceeds the maximum in the R-8 category. The petitioners plan to dedicate land for a greenway trail and for a tree save area.

The petition is inconsistent with the Steele Creek Area Plan, which calls for up to 6 units per acre. See Southwest District Adopted Future Land Use map. The petition also is inconsistent with the Steele Creek Development Response Study, which calls for a density of up to 6 dwelling units per acre in the southeast corner of the study area, See Steele Creek Development Response - Summary Report.

If you would like to provide input into this rezoning petition, consider attending and speaking at the Public Hearing on October 16, or you may contact City Council members directly. Contact information is available HERE.

Another rezoning petition (2017-023) is requesting approval to build a Lidl grocery store plus additional commercial development and up to 210 apartments on the east side of Steele Creek Road south of the Bojangles restaurant. The Public Hearing for this rezoning is scheduled for November 20.

Petition 2017-065 is requesting approval for up to 240 apartments. The Public Hearing has not been scheduled for this petition.

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