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Public Input Requested for Development Study for Undeveloped Area East of Berewick

(February 17, 2017) The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department will be holding two public meetings to give Steele Creek residents an opportunity to participate in the review and analysis of proposed projects in an area east of Berewick. See Public Meeting Notice. The study area is generally bounded by I-485 on the north, Steele Creek Road on the west, Brown-Grier Road on the south, and the creek along the west side of school property on the east. The area also includes areas south of Brown-Grier Road that are part of the Grier farm property.

There will be a Kick-Off meeting on Tuesday, March 7 and a Wrap-Up meeting on Tuesday, March 14. There will also be Design Workshops on Tuesday through Friday, March 7-10. All meetings are at Kennedy Middle School.

Why do a study now?

Since the adoption of the Steele Creek Area Plan (adopted 2012), significant development has been occurring in the area. The size, scale, and timing of the proposed developments today are more intense than what was anticipated with the area plan, and this Development Study process is a way for the City to review and analyze what type of development is appropriate for the area.

Area residents should be aware that the Development Study will not change the adopted future land use for the area, but will instead help develop a series of guidelines and recommendations to help direct current development proposals for the area.

The whole area currently is zoned R-3 (up to three residential units per acre) except for the area along Steele Creek Road at Dixie River Road where the BP station, Bo Jangles, and dental office are located. That is zoned for Neighborhood Services.

The Steele Creek Area Plan calls for residential development with up to six dwelling units per acre for the entire area north of Brown-Grier Road and residential development with up to four dwelling units per acre on the Grier farm property south of Brown-Grier Road. See Southwest District Adopted Future Land Use map. However, the Area Plan further states that "consideration will be given to a mixture of residential, office, and retail uses along Steele Creek Road. Retail development should be limited to a convenience size center (70,000 square feet maximum)."

The study area includes four areas of interest:

Neighborhood For Sale: A neighborhood with about thirteen residences north of the BP station is currently for sale as a unit. Whoever purchases this area likely submit a petition for a commercial or mixed use development.

Petition 2017-023: Petition 2017-023 by LG Acquisitions, LLC requests rezoning to MUDD-O (Mixed Use Development District-Optional). It requests up to 85,000 square feet of retail (including a Lidl grocery, restaurants, personal services, offices, and other commercial uses), up to 105 hotel units, and up to 200 residential units.

The grocery is by the German chain Lidl, described as "upscale discount."

Gambrell Property:
A 176 acre parcel owned by Sarah Belk Gambrell (Steele Creek Limited Partnership (1997)) is available for future development, likely residential.

Grier Farm: Pulte Home Corporation has submitted  Petition 2016-120 for the Grier Farm along both sides of Brown-Grier Road. The submitted site plan calls for 292 apartments, 550 townhomes, and an 80,000 square foot shopping center on 127 acres. This plan is currently under revision and is likely to become less intense.

Please RSVP to Alberto Gonzalez of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department at agonzalez@charlottenc.gov if you plan to attend so that they can have an idea of how many people to expect. You may also email Mr. Gonzalez with questions.

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