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Help Teens at Olympic Career Speed Networking Event on December 21

64% of Americans say “an experience” determined their chosen career path and course of study.
    ~ Gallup Survey of 25,000 Americans

(December 1, 2016) The Olympic Community of Schools will host a Career Speed Networking event on Wednesday, December 21. They would like to invite career professionals from area businesses and organizations to participate and help teens learn about career choices.

The objective of the event is to help the students explore a variety of careers and to interact with career professionals. Volunteers will share information about their specific career and their personal experiences in a series of small group discussions.

To register go to Career Speed Networking at Olympic Registration. If you have questions, please contact Mike Realon at michael.realon@cms.k12.nc.us or 980-343-3800 Extension 4006163.

Please share this request with other professionals who might want to help teens make good career and college decisions.

Career Fair & Speed Networking

A Career Exploration Initiative –
Increasing Teens Awareness of Careers & Industry Sectors

 Date:  Wednesday, December 21, 2016

 Time:  8:00 AM – 10:00 AM (Please check in by 7:45 AM)  

Location:  Olympic High School (4301 Sandy Porter Road)

 Occupations Requested:  All

 Volunteer Responsibilities:   High school students, two or three at a time, will visit with you for about 10 minutes. Tell them about your occupation, your employer, your industry sector, and the skills & knowledge which can help today's youth onboard a pathway leading towards success. Every 10 minutes a new group of two or three students will visit you. .

Possible Topics that can be covered with students:

  • Industry sector where you work
  • Your employer and what it does
  • Types of available careers in your industry sector
  • High demand – low supply careers in your industry
  • What you do in your job – responsibilities
  • Education needed to perform your job
  • Why you chose this profession
  • Work environment
  • Compensation range and benefits
  • Future outlook for your profession and/or industry sector
  • Important skills / traits that you feel are important to become successful (i.e., soft skills, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity, etc.)
  • Describe the road you took to get where you are today (other experiences or jobs)
  • What you like most about your profession/job … What you like least.
  • What advice would you want to share with high school students who want to be both successful and happy as adults.

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