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County Announces Plans for New Facilities at Winget Park

Example Park Dugout(May 21, 2016) Last week the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department announced plans to build additional facilities at Thomas McAlister Winget Regional Park, which is located next to Winget Park Elementary School at the end of Winget Road. The main elements of the project are...

  • Three additional baseball/softball fields to accompany the existing field
  • Expansion of the existing field to a 300 outfield fence to match the three new fields
  • Covered dugouts
  • MUSCO LED athletic lights for all four fileds
  • Expansion of the parking lot to add approximately 180 spaces for a total of 240 spaces
  • Landscaping trees in the parking and pedestrian areas
  • Picnic shelter next to the existing restroom facility
  • Trail connection to Chapel Cove subdivision

New FieldsFunding for the additions to Winget Park were approved by Mecklenburg County voters in a Park Bond Referendum in 2008. However, the county postponed selling bonds due to the Great Recession. Most park capital projects were halted for five years. Due to inflation, new park additions may not include all facilities originally planned in 2008. The county is now building what it can afford.

It will take from four to six months to obtain permits and to receive, review, and approve bids. Construction should take about nine months. Estimated completion of the fields and other elements is September 2017.

For more information see the Capital Projects - Updates, News & Events page on the Park and Recreation Department's web site. Scroll to the bottom to find Winget Regional Park. See links to the Public Meeting Presentation and the Public Meeting Minutes.

Winget Park Maste Plan

Mecklenburg County also has acquired just over 50 acres across Winget Road from the current park. The additional area is expected to become a nature preserve, but may contain a demonstration farm or limited trails.

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