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Alignment SW Charlotte to Hold Planning Meeting for 2015-2016 on August 14

Sign Up to Attend and Share your Ideas for Steele Creek Schools!

ASWC(July 31, 2015) Another CMS School Year is about to begin, and the results from last year were fantastic because of our community's ongoing engagement and support in helping plan how we can best work together in aiding children so they reach their human and economic potential in today's world.

Please join Olympic and its K-8 feeder schools as they conduct the planning session for the 2015-2016 school year as part of Alignment Southwest Charlotte -- a "cradle to career" movement where Steele Creek K-12 public schools, churches, colleges, nonprofits, and the business community join forces and align efforts as a community-wide coalition determined to make our youth "Be Future Ready" for Charlotte.

Help Us Plan the School Year by Registering Here Now ... REGISTER HERE!

            Date: Friday August 14
            Time: 9:00 - 11:00 AM
            Location: Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church
            Activity: Work Table Planning Sessions to Design Educational Activities
                         for the 2015-2016 School Year

ASWC Examples of Successful Public-Private Collaborations in 2014-2015

* Elementary school children in need receive backpacks full of food for the weekend
* Reading & Literacy programs receive increased number of community volunteers & resources
* Mentoring Programs receive increased support thru volunteers
* STEM Olympics program for middle & elementary students
* STEM for Girls initiative
* Global United Nations Trip for Elementary School team
* IT Summer Boot Camp for Middle & High School Students
* Olympic & Bosch Rexroth win "Best Collaboration Award" from the Advanced Manufacturing Industry sector
* Olympic & Bosch Rexroth win "Best Collaboration Award" from the IT Industry sector
* Career Exploration activities for students (career assessments, fairs, guest speakers, field trips, "speed networking", etc.)
* Elementary and middle school robotics programs are launched in alignment with the FIRST Robotics Program at Olympic
* Grand Champion status at the North Carolina Western Region Cyberkids Robotics competition for elementary schools
* Chemistry field trips for middle school students
* Paid internships, apprenticeships, and job shadows as part of a collaborative "Be Future Ready" program
* A $200,000 Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Center is opened at Olympic to prepare students for a 21st century high-tech workplace
* And much, much more

Please join us on August 14 as we work side-by-side in making a difference with public education.

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