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Sidewalks Planned on Brown-Grier Road and Gallant Lane

(April 27, 2015) Charlotte city staff released information about plans to build sidewalks along Brown-Grier Road and Gallant Lane at the public meeting on the Whitehall/Ayrsley Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (CNIP) last Thursday.

Plans call for a ten-foot-wide sidewalk on the south side of Brown-Grier Road from Griers Fork Drive to Gallant Lane and a sidewalk along the east side of Gallant Lane in front of Kennedy Middle School, continuing to Steele Creek Elementary School and Steele Creek Neighborhood Park. The project also includes installation of high visibility crosswalks and pedestrian signals at the Brown-Grier Road/Gallant Lane intersection that will provide adequate crossing time for pedestrians.,

As the schedule below shows, the sidewalks are expected to be completed by summer or fall 2017. "RE" stands for Real Estate Phase. Contingency and Reserve are always built into schedules as added time for weather, utility, or other delays .


Click here: Brown-Grier Public Meeting or on the image below to see the information released at the meeting, including preliminary concept plans for sidewalks along Brown-Grier Road, in front of Kennedy Middle School, and approaching Steele Creek Elementary School.

TWO Capital Partners, LLC has submitted a rezoning petition to build up to 291 apartments on the corner of Brown-Grier Road and Sandy Porter Road. See Petition 2015-045. Plans include sidewalks along the roads adjacent to their property. If the apartments are approved and built, the city will require sidewalks connecting those at Gallant Lane to those at the apartment complex. That would result in continuous sidewalks from Griers Fork Drive to Sandy Porter Road. 

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