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Find Volunteer Opportunities at Steele Creek Library

Steele Creek(August 25, 2014) The Steele Creek Library has a great staff, but they get stretched from time to time. The library's outstanding volunteers supplement the work that they do and help the library provide great services to the Steele Creek community.

Their current needs are for computer lab volunteers and shelvers.

Computer lab volunteers help patrons with basic tasks on the public computers, such as logging in and printing, as well as other, more specific activities, such as using Microsoft Word or navigating web sites. 

Volunteers with knowledge of specific, commonly used software or web sites also can assist in teaching a variety of computer skills classes.

Steele Creek
Volunteer Shelver Debbie

The library also needs shelvers to work weekday and Saturday afternoons. Tasks include shelving books and other materials, pulling holds, and assisting with maintaining displays.

Volunteer hours are flexible, and on the job training is provided.

Steele Creek residents have a variety of skills and expertise. The library is a great place to use these skills to help the community.

Volunteers also can acquire new skills and gain recognized work experience, expand their social horizons, help their library build a computer literate and educated community, and contribute to the success of YOUR public library.

Although the current need is for computer lab volunteers and shelvers, you may have other skills and talents that could benefit the library or could have ideas for programs to expand the library's services. Staff would be interested in talking to you about possibilities.

For more information and to begin your adventure, visit the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Volunteer web page, contact the volunteer coordinator at the library at 704-416-6800, or visit the library during normal hours.

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