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Candidates Set for 2013 Elections

Vote!(July 19, 2013) The deadline for candidate filing for the 2013 elections was today at noon, so the candidates for this year's elections are set.

The first primary is on Tuesday, September 10. Steele Creek voters who reside within the Charlotte city limits will have two offices in the Democratic primary and one in the Republican primary. If necessary, the Second Primary will be on October 8. Primary winners will face off in the General Election on November 5.

Mayor of Charlotte

Democrats will choose from four candidates for Mayor of Charlotte in the primary: Patrick D. Cannon, Gary Mitchell Dunn, James (Smuggie) Mitchell, Jr., and Lucille Puckett. Mayor Patsy Kinsey was recently appointed to complete the term of Anthony Foxx. She is not seeking reelection as mayor but is running for her old District 1 City Council seat.

Republicans will choose from two candidates for Mayor of Charlotte in the primary: Edwin B. Peacock III and David Michael Rice.

Charlotte City Council At-Large

Democrats also will narrow the field of candidates for At-large seats on the Charlotte City Council from seven to four in the primary. Candidates in the Democratic primary are Michael D. Barnes (currently District 4 representative), Claire Green Fallon (Incumbent), David Howard (Incumbent), Scott Derek Jenkins, Vi Alexander Lyles, Beth Pickering (Incumbent), and Nancy Wiggins.

Republicans will not have a primary for At-large seats on the Charlotte City Council. The four candidates will be on the November 5 General Election ballot. Candidates are Vanessa Faura, Mark Frietch, Ken Harris, and Dennis Peterson.

Libertarian candidate for an At-large seat on the Charlotte City Council, Eric A. Cable, also will appear on the November 5 General Election ballot,

Charlotte City Council District 3

All of the parts of Steele Creek within the Charlotte city limits are within Charlotte City Council District 3. There will be no primary for this office since there is only one candidate for each party. Candidates on the November 5 ballot will be Democrat LaWana Mayfield (Incumbent), Libertarian C. Travis Wheat, and Republican Eric Netter.

See the map below to see the boundaries of District 3 within Steele Creek.

Charlotte City Council Districts

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education adopted new districts at its meeting on September 27, 2011. These are not the same as the districts used for electing members of the Mecklenburg County Commission.

School Board district and at-large representatives are elected every two years on a rotating schedule. All members serve four-year terms. Representatives for the three at large seats were chosen in the November 2011 election. The six district representatives will be up for election in 2013 based on the new districts.

All of Steele Creek is within Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board District 2. School Board elections are non-partisan. As there are only two candidates for District 2, there will not be a primary, and both candidates will appear on the November ballot. Candidates for Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board District 2 are Thelma Byers-Bailey and Richard A. McElrath, Sr. (Incumbent).

See the map below to see the boundaries of District 2 within Steele Creek.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education Districts

On the maps above, election precinct boundaries and numbers are shown in red and Steele Creek is outlined in green. Also see maps on the following pages: Voting Precincts and Polling Places in Steele Creek and Election Districts in Steele Creek.

For more information about the 2013 Primary and General Election in Mecklenburg County, see Mecklenburg County Board of Elections.

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