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Spot Rezoning Requested on Steele Creek Road near I-485

Steele Creek(May 22, 2012) SBG Properties has filed a rezoning request (Petition 2012-059) to allow for the construction of a Bojangles restaurant and Circle-K convenience store on the east side of Steele Creek Road at the new Dixie River Road intersection. The site is approximately one quarter mile south of the I-485 interchange.

Community meeting:
6:30 PM on Wednesday,
May 30
Steele Creek Volunteer Fire Department at 13225 S Tryon Street (the station near RiverGate, not the one near Byrum General Store)
  The developers also plan to extend Dixie River Road east of Steele Creek Road. The road will be six lanes at the traffic light at Steele Creek Road, which will allow for numerous turn lanes. The road will run between the Bojangles and Circle K and continue to the future multi- and single-family residential development to the east.

The two businesses will have matching brick exteriors, and their parking lots will be bordered by three foot brick walls along Steele Creek Road and the Dixie River Road extension, as well as trees and other plantings. The site also contains spaces for office buildings, a day care, or similar uses behind the Bojangles and Circle K. These buildings will have pitched roofs and serve as a transition to the future residential area behind them.

Please see the petition documents here: Petition 2012-059 to view the site plan and other information.

The developers will hold a community meeting at 6:30 on Wednesday, May 30 at the Steele Creek Volunteer Fire Department at 13225 S Tryon Street. See Notice to Interested Parties of Rezoning Petition.

Steele Creek

However, while the planned uses are appropriate for this area, this spot rezoning could trigger a series of small rezonings resulting in a patchwork of development at the Steele Creek Road/I-485 interchange. This location at I-485 and Steele Creek Road is a major gateway into our community.  Having a comprehensive plan for this area is the only option to assure an attractive gateway.

The developer could go to the adjacent property owners to develop a comprehensive plan to create a “signature entrance” to our community. Including the large tracts owned by the Gambrell and Grier families behind this site, there are more than 300 acres that represent an opportunity for a quality plan. This process should include coordination with Pappas Properties and Steele Creek (1997) LP across Steele Creek Road, assuring consistent monumentation, signage and landscaping.

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