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Housing Partnership Plans Senior Housing in Ayrsley

(June 3, 2011) The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership is planning to develop an 86-unit senior living community in the southern end of Ayrsley near Westinghouse Boulevard. 


The proposed design includes two residential buildings on a 4.59 acre parcel, replete with a picnic area, walking trail, and sitting areas. The main access to the site will be located off Pioneer Avenue near Westinghouse Boulevard with a secondary access through Shaffer Valley Way to Lennox Pointe Drive, providing connectivity to surrounding communities.


“We envision a Mecklenburg County where everyone will live in a decent, affordable home,” said Pat Garrett, president of The Housing Partnership. “And, homes for the most vulnerable members of our community are an essential piece of the puzzle, whether it’s in the Seversville neighborhood or off Westinghouse Boulevard.”


Last summer the Charlotte City Council voted down a request by the Housing Partnership for subsidies to construct a 90-unit rental development on the site. As opponents to the development argued before the City Council last June, this was not the right place for more affordable housing. Ayrsley currently has more rental units than owned units, and the community is still being developed. Because there is existing subsidized housing nearby on Township Road, the Housing Partnership needed a waiver from the City Council to receive a subsidy. A waiver is not needed for subsidized senior housing. It would be financially difficult to build affordable housing without tax breaks, subsidies, or other economic assistance.

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