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Catholic Diocese Plans Senior Housing on S Tryon near Moss Road

Senior Housing Site Plan(May 8, 2011) The Catholic Diocese of Charlotte Housing Corporation has requested rezoning for a 20.6 acre parcel on S Tryon St west of Good Shepherd Methodist Church to allow construction of up to 273 elderly and special needs multi-family dwelling units. The site would also contain a chapel and could include an adult care center. (See Rezoning Petition 2011-045.)

The Diocese has owned the property for many years and has been holding it for possible use as a parish or cemetery, but their current need is for senior housing.

The first building would be constructed in the southwest corner of the property and contain 13 apartments for special needs seniors.

InReach will manage this facility. InReach provides residential and community supports and services for children and adults with developmental and other disabilities in residential and community settings.

Special Needs Housing Elevation

Special Needs Adult Housing

The construction schedule is uncertain, but the Diocese plans to pursue the project as vigorously as possible because the need is great. If the City Council approves the rezoning in September, the first building could be ready for occupancy by the end of 2012. The remaining buildings would be built in phases over the next five years.

The plan allows for a second building with an additional 13 apartments for special needs seniors, but these may be replaced by apartments for the elderly.

An adult care center or an apartment building with up to 60 units for the elderly is planned for the southeast corner of the site.

Up to 200 apartments would be in several buildings surrounding an open courtyard in the central and northern portions of the site. These buildings would be up to three stories tall.

Apartments would have either one bedroom (at least 700 square feet total) or two bedrooms (at least 900 square feet total). The apartments will be subsidized through tax credits or other means and generally would be available to fixed-income seniors. They would not be limited to Catholics.

Also planned for the site is a non-denominational chapel with seating for up to 100. The chapel would be available to all but likely would have a Catholic decor.

The Public Hearing for the rezoning petition is scheduled for July 18, 2011.

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