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Steele Creek Area Plan on Fast Track for Approval

Steele Creek Area Plan(April 24, 2011) Last week the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Committee heard comments from the public on the Draft Steele Creek Area Plan. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Staff will present the draft plan to the City Council Transportation and Planning Committee at 2:00 on April 28. The public is scheduled to have one last opportunity to comment on the draft plan at the Charlotte City Council meeting on June 13.

After that, the Planning Staff will choose which comments to incorporate into the final plan and is scheduled to present this for final approval to the Planning Committee on June 21. They will present it to the City Council for approval at a future council meeting to be determined.

The Citizens Advisory Group has been meeting since summer 2009 to review plans and activities of various city, county, and state agencies in Steele Creek and to provide input into the plan. However, now that the plan is approaching its final form and approval, the role of the Citizens Advisory Group has ended, and it is not scheduled to meet again.

The draft plan was made available on the Steele Creek Area Plan web page in March, but it contains many details that the Citizens Advisory Group had not seen before. It also contains numerous omissions and errors, such as inconsistencies between the maps and text.

The public provided comments at the March 31 community workshop (See Staff Response to Comments Received at March 31 Community Workshop), through emails, at the Planning Committee meeting, and through other means, but the public apparently will not have the opportunity to see and comment on the staff revisions before the final plan is presented to the Planning Committee and City Council for approval.
Although the public has had an opportunity to comment on the draft, it apparently will not have an opportunity to see how those comments were or were not incorporated into the plan or to see changes made based on other people's comments.

The Citizen Advisory Group Ground Rules state "Our goal is general consensus. Please come to each meeting with an open mind and be prepared to work towards agreement." However, the Citizen Advisory Group apparently will not have an opportunity to review and reach agreement on the final plan.

For information on the June 21 City Council meeting and how to sign up to speak, see the City Council Meetings web page.

To comment on this story please visit the Steele Creek Forum.

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