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Steele Creek Political Influence Could Increase

(March 6, 2011) The 2010 census counts were released for North Carolina last week, and they show the 2010 census population of Steele Creek at 52,014, up 106% from the 2000 census count of 25,282. The population of the portion of Steele Creek within the Charlotte city limits was 43,005.

Steele Creek increased from 3.6% of the county's population in 2000 to 5.7% in 2010. This is still a small percent of the overall county's population, but new county commissioner and school board districts will be redrawn before the 2012 election to divide the county's population in 6 approximately equal parts. If Steele Creek remains in tact in one district, it will make up 34% of that district.

All of Steele Creek currently is within county commissioner and school board District 2. This district had a 2010 census population of 143,172, which is 10,099 or 6.59% below the optimum population of 153,271. It is not possible to know how the district will change yet, but Steele Creek clearly will be a significant part of it.

Commissioner Districts


2010 Population Optimum Population Difference Percent Variance
1 199,449 153,271 46,178 30.13%
2 143,172 153,271 -10,099 -6.59%
3 167,077 153,271 13,806 9.01%
4 121,614 153,271 -31,657 -20.65%
5 127,800 153,271 -25,471 -16.62%
6 160,516 153,271 7,245 4.73%



That part of Steele Creek within the city limits increased from 2.9% of the city's population in 2000 to 5.9% in 2010. If city council districts are redrawn to divide the city's population into 7 approximately equal parts and the incorporated portion of Steele Creek remains in one district, it will make up about 41% of that district. The current city council districts are shown below. Districts for the 2011 City Council election must be set before July 25, which is the beginning of candidate filing.

City Council Districts

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