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Steele Creek Population Doubles Since 2000, 2010 Census Shows

(March 3, 2011) The 2010 census counts were released for North Carolina yesterday, and they show the 2010 census population of Steele Creek at 52,014, up 106% from the 2000 census count of 25,282. Mecklenburg County grew by 32% from 695,454 to 919,628, so Steele Creek has been growing at a rate three times that of the county.

If Steele Creek were a city, it would be the 17th largest city in the state, just behind Chapel Hill (57,233), and above Burlington (49,963), Wilson (49,167), and Huntersville (46,733).

Steele Creek increased from 3.6% of the county's population to 5.7%. New county commissioner and school board districts will redrawn before the 2012 election to divide the county's population in 6 approximately equal parts. If Steele Creek remains in tact in one district, it will make up 34% of that district.

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