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Completion of Steele Creek Road Widening Likely in May

(November 17, 2010) Most of the asphalt for the new Dixie River Road next to Berewick has been laid, but much work remains on the new alignment of Steele Creek Road.

There are two hold ups, according to the city engineer in charge of the project. The first is that the old utility poles along Steele Creek road have not been removed. The relocation of the utility lines and the removal of the poles must happen before the southbound lanes of the new Steele Creek Road can be graded and constructed.

The second hold up is the weather. Paving generally cannot occur after October and before March due to cold temperatures.

Paving likely will resume in March 2011 and completion of the new roadways (including a final layer on the new Dixie River Road), sidewalks, and traffic signals should occur in May 2011. Once the new Dixie River Road is opened, the old section of Dixie River Road will be renamed Shopton Road.

The final step will be landscaping, which will occur in fall 2011.

Folks who have been waiting years for improvements to Steele creek Road and the elimination of the sharp curve at Shopton Road West should be pleased with the new roads when they are completed.

For more information, see the Dixie River Road Realignment web page.

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