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Olympic Small Schools are Targets for Assistance

(September 30, 2010) The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board is discussing sweeping changes for numerous schools throughout the county, but the Olympic Community of Schools are the only schools Steele Creek being discussed.

While some schools are slated for closing, revisions to attendance areas, or other significant changes, "the small schools at Garinger and Olympic are on the "targeted assistance" list, which means they may get academic reform and other support but no closing or major change" according to Ann Doss Helms of the Charlotte Observer. (CMS proposes sweeping changes for magnets, neighborhood schools)

It appears that the Olympic is among schools selected to receive targeted assistance to schools with perception issues. "Targeted assistance will be provided to schools with neighborhoods within their attendance area that consistently choose placement in schools other than the home school." according to the report presented to the School Board on September 28: Continuous Improvement: A Comprehensive Review of CMS.

Assistance could include PTA/PTSA/PTO partnerships, neighborhood partnerships, community outreach, and Communications Department.

The local news media continue to focus on school closings and other changes that will result in reassignments. What assistance will be given to Olympic is still unclear.

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