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Whitehall-Beam Road Area on Track for Annexation in 2011

(August 5, 2010) Based on the lack of interest  from residents and property owners from the area of Steele Creek slated for annexation in 2011, the annexation should proceed through the process with little opposition. At tonight's information meeting, no one asked any questions about the Whitehall-Beam Road area, and when someone asked if anyone was there from the Whitehall Qualifying Area, no one spoke up.

In each even numbered year, the City of Charlotte identifies areas it plans to annex the following summer. Occasionally, opponents provide the City Council with compelling reasons to exclude their areas. Such seems not the case in the Whitehall-Beam Road area.

Described as the "Whitehall" Qualifying Area, the proposed annexation area includes the Stonegrove neighborhood, several office buildings, and the future Whitehall Corporate Center expansion area on Arrowood Road; the Ayrshire Glen neighborhood, the Laurel Valley neighborhood, and the balance of the Carrington Place Apartments on Shopton Road; and several office and warehouse buildings along Beam Road,

According to the report available here, Annexation 2011 (See the Annexation - 2011 Areas link on the left.),  the Whitehall Qualifying Area contains 664.6 acres and has an estimated population of 1,272.

Steele Creek

Last summer, the city identified several areas that it planned to study for possible annexation (Charlotte Identifies 2011 Annexation Study Areas). The areas included most of the remaining unincorporated area of Steele Creek along Shopton Road east of I-485 and a large area along Shopton Road West, including the Sanctuary. New development in Steele Creek has slowed to a crawl. Portions of the study areas, particularly the Waterlyn neighborhood, have sufficient development to qualify, but the overall development does not. The city likely will wait until further development occurs so that it can use that to qualify low-density areas that likely will not have qualifying development on their own for many years.

The Charlotte City Council will conduct a Public Hearing on the annexation at their regular business meeting on August 23. If you are interesting in speaking at the Public Hearing, contact the Charlotte City Clerk's Office at 704-336-2248.

The City Council is expected to pass the Annexation Ordinance in November 2010. The annexation will take effect on June 30, 2011.

Most general city services, such as trash and recycling collection and fire protection, will happen immediately and automatically, but you'll need to ask for other, less known services. For a description of what might happen in your area, see How to Make the Most out of being Annexed (July 3, 2005).

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