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WBTV and WCNC Web Sites Have Steele Creek News Pages

(August 1, 2010) Two local television stations have web pages devoted to Steele Creek news.

At WBTV.com, the Steele Creek page shows WBTV news stories that took place in or are related to Steele Creek. It features a drawing of Carowinds, probably the most recognizable place in Steele Creek for people who come from outside Steele Creek. Tabs provide further groupings for Latest news, Crime, Community Service, and others. At the bottom of the page are links to pages showing stories going back several months.

The Steele Creek News page at WCNC.com lists headline links to the latest stories related to Steele Creek. It also features a crime map for central Steele Creek and a listing of the latest crimes.

Two other sources of Steele Creek news are the Lake Wylie Pilot and the Neighbors of Southern Mecklenburg Union, York.

The Lake Wylie Pilot focuses on the South Carolina side of Lake Wylie, but also covers Steele Creek and southeast Gaston County. The weekly paper covers most major events and news stories in Steele Creek. It is the best source of information about fishing, boating, and living on lake Wylie.

Neighbors of Southern Mecklenburg Union York is a supplement to the Charlotte Observer Sunday editions. It occasionally has stories about Steele Creek.