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While we were gone...

(June 28, 2010) While the Steele Creek Residents Association web site was down, things continued to happen in Steele Creek.

2010 Census Count Continues

Census enumerators continue to follow up with area residents to make sure they were counted and information is complete and accurate. All census field operations for a five-state area are managed out of the Charlotte Regional Census Center, which is located in Steele Creek in Whitehall Corporate Center.

Census geographer and webmaster Dave's time and energy have been consumed by this once-a-decade effort for many months, but the end is in sight. State population totals must be delivered to the President by December 31, and counts for small geographic areas will be released by April 1, 2011. That's when we'll know how much Steele Creek has grown from its 2000 census population of 25,282.

Affordable Housing at Ayrsley Rejected

The Charlotte City Council voted down a request by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership to construct a 90-unit subsidized rental development on Westinghouse Boulevard at the edge of Ayrsley. As opponents to the development argued before the City Council on June 14, this is not the right place for more affordable housing. Ayrsley currently has more rental units than owned units, and the community is still being developed. 

Steele Creek Library to Remain Open

The Charlotte Library System is facing deep budget cuts and has been forced to close libraries and reduce hours, staff, and services. For the time being, the Library System has acquired additional funding from the City of Charlotte, five of the towns in Mecklenburg County, and other sources sufficient to keep the Steele Creek Branch Library and most other branches open for the upcoming fiscal year, which lasts through June 2011.

Road, Sidewalk Improvements Progressing

Construction began this spring on the widening and straightening of Steele Creek Road and the construction of a new Dixie River Road at the future Berewick Town Center. These improvements are scheduled to be completed by the end of December 2010.

Meanwhile, new sidewalks are going in to replace the worn paths on S Tryon St north of RiverGate. Look for construction to extend the left turn lane into RiverGate soon as well.

Charlotte Announces Areas Qualifying for Annexation in 2011

On June 14, the Charlotte City Council adopted resolutions of intent to annex three areas on June 30, 2011. One of these is in Steele Creek. Described as the "Whitehall" area, it includes the Stonegrove neighborhood, several office buildings, and the future Whitehall Corporate Center expansion area on Arrowood Road; the Ayrshire Glen neighborhood, the Laurel Valley neighborhood, and the balance of the Carrington Place Apartments on Shopton Road; and several office buildings along Beam Road,

According to the report available here, Annexation 2011,  the Whitehall annexation area contains 664.6 acres and has an estimated population of 1,272.

Steele Creek

Last summer, the city identified several areas that it planned to study for possible annexation (Charlotte Identifies 2011 Annexation Study Areas). The areas included most of the remaining unincorporated area of Steele Creek along Shopton Road east of I-485 and a large area along Shopton Road West, including the Sanctuary. New development in Steele Creek has slowed to a crawl. Portions of the study areas, particularly the Waterlyn neighborhood, have sufficient development to qualify, but the overall development does not. The city likely will wait until further development occurs so that it can use that to qualify low-density areas that likely will not have qualifying development for many years.

The schedule for the 2011 annexation is as follows:

Hold Public Informational Meeting - August 5, 2010
Conduct Public Hearings - August 23, 2010 (tentative)
Pass Annexation Ordinances - November 22, 2010
Ordinance Becomes Effective - June 30, 2011

New City Recycling Program Starts July 5

Charlotte is replacing weekly recycling pickup from small red bins to bi-weekly pickup from large green rollout carts. Additionally, more items are accepted, including all plastics except #6 (but excluding plastic bags), aerosol cans, juice boxes, and milk and juice cartons.

Steele Creek residents within the city will have to get used to a switch from Monday to Thursday pickups. New recycling pickup will begin July 8 for orange week areas and July 15 for green week areas. See Recycle it! Go Green for Charlotte or mailers you should have received from the city for more information.

Steele Creek Area Plan

The Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) continued to meet on the development of an area plan for Steele Creek. City planning staff is refining the draft land use policies and will schedule a meeting to share this information with the CAG later this summer. See the Steele Creek Area Plan web page.