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Residents Association Web Site Down for Two Months

(June 28, 2020) The Steele Creek Residents Association web site went down April 30. The company that managed the site apparently has gone out of business and will not return emails or phone calls. They had control of the steelecreekresidents.org domain and the files.

It took a while to obtain and provide documentation to the company where the domain is registered and get the domain transferred. The domain is now securely in the possession of the Residents Association.

Although the basic site was backed up, the databases for the message board, including the posted messages and registrations, and email accounts apparently are lost. The site is now hosted by a new company, and the basic site apparently is fully restored and functional. The info@steelecreekresidents.org email is also functional again.

The message board, however, will need to be recreated, and users will have to reregister. We hope to have the new message board created shortly.

A temporary page was set up as a holder a few weeks ago. Google and Bing were directing searchers to the temporary page, but now have the correct URL, as does Yahoo and Ask.

Thank you for your patience.