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Road Improvements at Berewick Town Center are Ready to Begin

(March 16, 2010) At the Steele Creek Residents Association meeting last month, DerreI Poole, Project Manager with the Charlotte Department of Engineering, presented the final design plans for construction of the New Dixie River Road and the straightening Steele Creek Road at the Berewick Town Center.

Steele Creek Road will be widened to at least four lanes from Shopton Road West up to the current four-lane section near I-485. The sharp curve will be straightened, with the eastern edge of the new road following the edge of the area cleared last year for the Southwest Water Main project. It also will be widened for a short distance south of its current intersection with Shopton Road West to allow the addition of a left turn lane onto Shopton Road West.

The new segment of Dixie River Road will run between Steele Creek Road and the existing Dixie River Road near the new Lighthouse Church.

Construction of both projects should begin in April and extend through the end of the year. The goal is to have both open by January 1, 2011.

The work has been planned to keep Steele Creek Road open to traffic throughout construction, however periods of short delay may occur from time to time.

Construction of the realigned segment of Shopton Road West (from Steele Creek Road to Cory Brett Lane) is now complete and landscaping is underway. Construction of the 48-inch diameter water main along Steele Creek Road is also complete.

These projects are being financed primarily by transportation bonds approved by Charlotte voters in 2004, Planning began well before this stretch of Steele Creek Road and much of Berewick was annexed by Charlotte in 2009. Most of the new Dixie River Road is actually outside the Charlotte city limits.

The Berewick Town Center will be located between the new Dixie River Road and Shopton Road West. See Berewick Master Plan.

For more information, visit the Dixie River Road Project web page, or contact DerreI Poole at 704-353-1794 or dpoole@ci.charlotte.nc.us.

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