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Sledge Road Intersection Realignment Plan Completed

(April 2, 2009) The North Carolina Department of Transportation has completed a preliminary plan for their proposed improvements to the Sledge Road/Steele Creek Road intersection. There is no word on when they will actually construct it, however. The NCDOT still must locate underground utilities and purchase any additional right-of-way or easements that may be necessary before beginning construction. 

The plan basically makes Sledge Road continue straight through the current grassy triangle to Steele Creek Road, where there will be a squared-off intersection with a signal. The road will be located in the red shaded area on the diagram below. Most of the current northern section (shown with crosshatching and yellow highlighting) will be abandoned.

There will be a left turn lane on northbound Steele Creek Road to turn onto Sledge Road, and there will be a left turn lane to turn left from Sledge Road onto Steele Creek Road.

Youngblood School

The road will be located between the red lines on the photograph below.

Youngblood School

Sledge Road and Steele Creek Road (NC 160) are state-maintained roads rather than city-maintained roads. 

See pdf versions of the plans here:

Sledge Road Preliminary Plan
Sledge Road Pavement Marking Plan
Sledge Road Pavement Structure Plan