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Shopton Road W Realignment Scheduled for Summer Completion

(January 5, 2009) According to the Charlotte Department of Engineering and Property Management, construction should begin in February on the new segment of Shopton Road West at Steele Creek Road. Completion is scheduled for June.

This realignment will replace the current "Y" intersection with a safer,  90-degree intersection approximately 700 feet to the south. A traffic signal will be installed at the new intersection, and the signal at the old intersection will be removed. The old road right-of-way likely will be abandoned by the city, and ownership likely will be transferred to the adjacent property owners, the developers of the Berewick Town Center.

A water main was installed along the new Shopton Road West right-of-way last year. This will provide increased capacity for customers located to the west of this area. The clearing made for the water main is visible along the future road route.

This new road will not resolve the sharp curve in Steele Creek Road, however. The straightening of Steele Creek Road and construction of a new segment of Dixie River Road are still in the design and real estate acquisition phases, so accurate schedules for construction of these have not yet been determined.

Ultimately, once traffic levels justify them, additional traffic signals will be installed along Steele Creek Road at the new Dixie River Road intersection and at the I-485 ramps. The intersections have been designed to allow sufficient distance between these signals for safe, efficient traffic flow.

For more information on the city's plans for road realignments in this area, see the city's Dixie River Road Realignment web page or contact Derrel Poole, Project Manager, at
704-353-1794 or dpoole@ci.charlotte.nc.us.

The Berewick Master Plan includes a Town Center on the west side of Steele Creek Road between the new Dixie River Road and Shopton Road West. Current buildings on this site are being relocated to clear space for the Town Center. The Steele Creek Masonic Lodge has been relocated approximately four miles to the south, across from the Steele Creek Library. A new building is under construction for the Steele Creek Baptist Church on Dixie River Road near the new elementary school.

The developers of Berewick will construct a new section of Dixie River Road to connect the end of the city's construction to the current Dixie River Road near the new elementary school.

Click HERE or on the image below to see a pdf file of the Berewick Master Plan.

The current Dixie River Road at Steele Creek Road also will be undergoing realignment to allow construction of the new Shopton Square shopping center. In this area, Dixie River Road will move north past where the old William Grier House was removed and will align with Shopton Road near the new Exxon station. This section of Dixie River Road likely will be renamed in the near future.

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