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First Phase of Berewick Regional Park to Open at the End of 2009

(April 5, 2008) Mecklenburg County park planners presented a plan for the Phase One of Berewick Regional Park last Thursday. The park is located on the north side of the Berewick development in northwest Steele Creek. Originally classified as a district park, it has been upgraded to a regional park.

The park contains a total of 195 acres, but funding currently is only available to develop the 38-acre first phase. A new elementary school is included in this phase and will be located at a high point along Dixie River Road. The Phase One site drops in elevation almost 150 feet from the school down to Beaverdam Creek.

The elementary school will feature a gym and other indoor facilities that will be used as a recreation center when school is not in session. The school system also will build two 60 by 60 foot playgrounds.

Berewick Park will have a sportsplex theme, with numerous athletic fields designed with flexibility for use by different sports and age groups. Phase One will contain three baseball/softball fields that also could be used for soccer. It also will have a restroom building.

The school will have a parking area that will be used by buses during school days and park visitors at other times plus one other car parking area. During school hours, park visitors will use 12 parallel parking spaces along a driveway. There will be 285 total parking spaces available for park visitors after school hours.


Berewick Park Phase One

Plans also call for extensive landscaping that will include numerous trees and shrubbery.

Construction for additional phases is not funded or scheduled. Funding must come from a future bond package and no timeline is available.

One compartment of the future phases will be located on about 14 acres across Dixie River Road from the school adjacent to Berewick residences. It's expected not to contain ball fields but have more passive uses. It may feature paved walking trails, a shelter, and a small playground.

The northern section of the park is crossed by a power line that restricts where facilities can go. This section will have several baseball or softball fields and soccer fields a well as a dog park and several parking areas.

The original master plan adopted in 2003 had to be revised because a planned realignment of Dixie River Road will not occur. The road will continue to split the property. Topography and selection and design of the school site also necessitated the shifting of some facilities. Additionally, one 12-acre site that was part of the original plan was never acquired.

The design for Phase One of the park is complete, but the layout of the later phases might change after a detailed assessment of the site and after funding availability and community needs are known.

Park planners expect to obtain required permits by October of this year and construction should begin in December. Construction of Phase One should be complete by December 2009.

Meanwhile, construction also should begin soon on the elementary school. It is scheduled to open for the fall 2009 school year.

Berewick Park has been eagerly awaited by Berewick residents and the entire Steele Creek community. Because Steele Creek is one of the fastest growing areas of Mecklenburg County, new park and other facilities like this one are badly needed to serve the increasing number of area residents.

Click on the image below to see a larger version of the master plan.

Click HERE to view a PDF file of the master plan for the Berewick Community that was adopted in June 2007. This plan will be updated to reflect changes to the park.

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