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Parts of Steele Creek Get over 1 Inch of Rain Sunday and Monday

(June 25, 2007) Weather reports generally let you know how much it rained at the airport, but how do you know how much it rained where you are? You can get yourself a rain gage, or you can get a good approximation from the US Geological Survey's (USGS) Mecklenburg County Rainfall Network web site.

USGS operates about five dozen rainfall stations in Mecklenburg County in cooperation with Mecklenburg County or the City of Charlotte. Three of these are in Steele Creek, at Kennedy Middle School, Lake Wylie Elementary School, and on Lake Wylie at Withers Cove. 

The web site provides real time data for each rain gage. You can view tables or graphs. Data show rainfall for Sunday and Monday, June 24 and 25, of 1.18 inches at Kennedy Middle School, 1.06 inches at Lake Wylie Elementary School, and .6 inches at Withers Cove.

Visit the USGS Mecklenburg County Rainfall Network web site and select a station from the map. Select a graph of table from the format list and check out the rainfall at that station. Depending on your location, you can get a pretty good approximation of the rainfall where you are.


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