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Contact School Board to Show Support for Olympic Improvements

(April 21, 2007) The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board is expected to discuss several options for a 2007 school bond package. Two of the options include renovations and upgrades to the Olympic High School stadium and track that had been included in the failed 2005 bond referendum.

According to and article in today's Charlotte Observer, Option 1 includes the top 33 priorities that are in the current proposal. Among the projects in this $403M package are roofing improvements at Olympic High School.

Option 2 ($466M) adds projects from the failed 2005 bond, including improvements to the stadium and track at Olympic.

Option 3 ($500M) goes deeper into the the 10 year list and continues to include the Olympic roofing, stadium, and track.

Option 4 ($509M) goes deeper into the 10 year list but drops the stadiums and tracks.

All four options also include three new elementary schools in Steele Creek (in Berewick, in the Red Fez Club Road/Palisades area, and at the corner of Hamilton Road and Smith Road).

The Board of Education will discuss these options and possibly vote at its next meeting on Tuesday, April 24. The meeting begins at 6:00 P.M. at the Government Center Meeting Chamber. The meeting is open to the public and can be viewed on CMS-TV Cable Channel 3.

See CMS weighing 4 hefty bond plans by Ann Doss Helms (Charlotte Observer, April 21, 2007). You may also view lists of projects covered under each option at Bond options: Is your school on the list?

Once the School Board approves a bond package, the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners will decide whether to put the bond on the November ballot.

Please contact school board members to let them know the Steele Creek community supports Olympic High School. E-mail addresses are available here: Board of Education Home.




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