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New Message Board for Residents Association Web Site

(December 16, 2006) Need physical enhancement? Looking for web sites that use the letter "X" a lot? How about that gambling habit? All of these needs and many more could be met through web sites that have been posted on the old Steele Creek Residents Association message board over the last few months. You probably didn't see them because the webmaster was spending a lot of time keeping them hidden from the public site.  But that's all over.

This web site now has a new message board. Access it using this link: Steele Creek Residents Association: A Message forum for our community or by clicking on the image below.

Anyone can view messages, but only registered users can post messages. Currently only one forum (General Comments in the Steele Creek category) is available for posting messages about the community. If necessary, additional forums will be created in the future.

Please visit the new message board, register, and contribute to the discussion. So far, there's little there, but if YOU participate, this message board could become a wealth of information about Steele Creek!

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