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City Announces Most Dangerous Intersections

(August 16, 2006) The intersection of Sandy Porter Road with Brown-Grier Road and West Arrowood Road is the most dangerous intersection in Steele Creek according to Charlotte's annual list of dangerous intersections. It ranked number 16 on the list of 198 total intersections.

Here are the five Steele Creek intersections on the list:

Intersection Location   Rank  3 Years
Volume   Crash
Brown-Grier Rd & Sandy Porter Rd & W Arrowood Rd 16 46 18,600 2.26
S Tryon St & Sandy Porter Rd 51 63 30,600 1.88
Carowinds Bv & John Price Rd & S Tryon St 141 57 36,000 1.45
Steele Creek Rd & Westinghouse Bv 155 33 21,400 1.41
Shopton Rd West & Steele Creek Rd 159 28 18,300 1.40

The ranking is not based on total accidents. Instead, crash rates are expressed as crashes per million entering vehicles. Crash data is for years 2003-2005. To view the full list, visit the Charlotte Department of Transportation's High Accident Locations web page.

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