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New Traffic Signal at Least Six Weeks Away

(August 16, 2006) Motorists who line up in the morning on Shopton Road West waiting to get out onto Steele Creek Road have been anxiously awaiting the new traffic signal that was announced last spring.

But they still have to wait about six more weeks. According to the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), it likely will take about four weeks for Duke Energy to set the poles for the signal and another two weeks for CDOT to install the equipment. Left turns from northbound Steele Creek Road to Shopton Road West may be restricted for all or certain time periods during the day.

This is a temporary solution to the problems at this intersection. A planned realignment of Shopton Road West at Steele Creek Road and of Dixie River Road through Berewick should be the answer, but this plan cannot proceed until the Mecklenburg-Union Metropolitan Planning Organization (MUMPO) approves it. MUMPO was scheduled to consider the plan at its July meeting but postponed a decision until September. Construction should begin in 2007.

Also see the Dixie River Road Realignment page on the Charlotte Department of Engineering and Property management web site and the story Traffic Signal Coming to Steele Creek Road/Shopton Road West Intersection on this web site.



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