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Four Teens Charged with Steele Creek Vandalism

(March 29, 2006) Four teenagers have been arrested for a BB gun shooting spree that went on for two months across Southwest Mecklenburg County. Windows in as many as 200 vehicles had been shot out in several Steele Creek neighborhoods stretching from Brown-Grier Road to Sledge Road. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Police Officer Travis Pardue said, "What we got from them when asked why they were doing this, was boredom, it was fun to do, and they hadn't gotten caught yet." Officer Pardue said neighborhood watch groups helped generate a lot of tips about the case.

Read more in the story Teens face vandalism charges at News 14 Carolina, which has a link to their news video for this story, and Steele Creek vandals arrested, police say at WCNC 6 News (you may need to register).



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