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Left Turn Lane Coming to Brown-Grier Road at Gallant Lane

(January 28, 2006) Traffic snarls on Brown-Grier Road and Gallant Lane caused by morning and afternoon school traffic are tremendous. Impatient motorists who try to get around cars waiting to turn in to the schools are creative but not too smart. Some relief for this dangerous situation is on the way.

Construction of a left turn lane off Brown-Grier Road onto Gallant Lane will begin by the end of February. Survey stakes are already out. Utility relocation and tree removal will occur soon. The schools have requested for construction to clear out during heavy morning and afternoon traffic.

Charlotte Engineering Services is managing the project, but funding will come from the North Carolina Department of Transportation since Brown-Grier Road is a state-maintained road.

The project does not include sidewalks, just road widening to accommodate a left turn lane. Charlotte Department of Transportation will install new traffic signals after the roadwork is complete.

A future project under discussion is the widening of Gallant Lane to allow more efficient traffic flows to and from the schools.



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