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Public Gives Input to Park Needs in Southwest

(December 16, 2005) Several dozen persons attending the Capitol Needs Assessment Workshop for the Southwest District on December 8 voted on what future capital projects should be made priorities for spending. Each person had three votes to show support for their first, second, and third choices. Votes were tallied using a weighted system.

Percentages of support for each project, based on the total possible points in this weighted system:

   1. Yorkmont Park Improvements - New Item
 2. Steele Creek Greenway - Park Land Acquisition
 3. Rarnblewood District Park -Improvements to Existing
 4. Walkers Branch Greenway - Park Land Acquisition
 5. Archdale Park - Improvements to Existing
 6. Steele Creek Greenway - Greenway Construction
 7. Walkers Branch Greenway - Greenway Construction
 8. Thomas McAllister Winget Park - District Park Development
 9. Copperhead Island at McDowell Park -Improvements to Existing
10. Berewick District Park - Water Park Facility
11. McDowell Nature Prcscrve - Park Land Acquisition
12. Berewick District Park - District Park Development

Residents of the Yorkmont Community expressed support for repairs and improvements to their neighborhood park. This specific item received the most support.

Representatives of both the Ramblewood Community and the Ramblewood Soccer, Inc expressed support for improvements to that park and its soccer fields.

Four separate projects were listed for greenway trails: both land acquisition and construction for the Steele Creek and Walkers Branch greenways. These collectively received the most support and were the only projects receiving significant support that are specifically within the Steele Creek community.

No funds currently are available for any of these projects. All funds from previous bond referenda have been allocated. The purpose of the workshop was to help county staff establish spending priorities for future bond money. With the support offered at this workshop, these greenways should appear prominently on future priority lists.

For more information on parks in the Southwest District, see the Southwest Park District web page and the Southwest Park District Map.

, call the Park and Recreation Department at (704) 336-3854.




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