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Two Rezoning Petitions Submitted for Arrowood Road at Sandy Porter Road

(November 11, 2005) Two rezoning petitions have been submitted for land at the corner of West  Arrowood Road and Sandy Porter Road. Both corners currently are zoned residential (R-3) and developers are requesting changes to allow development of office and retail centers. Both plans call for a 100 foot woodland landscaping strip with walking trails along Sandy Porter Road to buffer the area from adjacent residential areas.

Rezoning Map

Paul Herndon has requested rezoning of approximately 18.7 acres on the southeast corner of the intersection. (See Petition 2006-005.) The western portion of this parcel, located on the corner of Arrowood Road and Sandy Porter Road) currently is zoned R-3. The remaining portion (located along Whitehall Park Drive) currently is zoned B-1 and O-2,

The petition requests B-1(CD) in the northern portion. One building currently is located in this area. The only current tenants is Quiznos Subs, but a Thai restaurant is "Opening Soon."

According to the conditions in the rezoning petition, the following will not be allowed: restaurants with a drive through windows, convenience stores, and car washes. Retail buildings on the northern end of the property will be one story. Office buildings on the southern end of the property adjacent to Sandy Porter Road may be as tall as three stories.

Merrifield Partners has requested rezoning of approximately 8.3 acres on the northeast corner of the intersection. (See Petition 2006-014.) This currently is zoned R-3. Merrifield plans to develop this parcel together with an adjacent parcel to the east that already is zoned for businesses.

Plans for the eastern portion, which is adjacent to the I-485 interchange, call for a sit-down restaurant at the corner with a convenience store next to it. Behind these will be a 100 to 110 room hotel.

Plans for the western portion include six one-story buildings with exteriors of red brick or stucco with red brick accents. The building closest to the corner likely will be a pharmacy. Drive through uses are limited to pharmacies and banks.

The Merrifield development includes a driveway opposite Whitehall Park Drive. This intersection will be redesigned to permit left turns off Arrowood Road but prohibit left turns onto Arrowood Road. Exit will be by right turn only from both the north and south. Plans had called for a traffic light at this intersection but it is too close to the existing lights at Sandy Porter Road and the I-485 ramp.

The public hearings for both petitions have been deferred until February 20, 2006.

For more information on these petitions, contact the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission at 74-336-2205.


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