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Planners Request Public Input on Dixie River Road Realignment

(July 2, 2005) Charlotte officials held a public meeting on the Dixie River Road Realignment Project on June 30, 2005 at the Steele Creek Masonic Temple. Staff from the Charlotte Department of Transportation and the Engineering & Property Management Department along with Kimley-Horn & Associates displayed maps, answered questions, and solicited input from the scores of attendees at the meeting.

Dixie River Road will be realigned through the new Berewick neighborhood currently under development between Dixie River Road and Shopton Road West. A new road will connect the Berewick Town Center with the intersection of Shopton Road West and Steele Creek Road, creating a new 90° intersection there. See the map of the Berewick Master Plan.

These realignments are part of the Dixie-Berryhill Thoroughfare Plan adopted in 2002. The new intersection will replace the dangerous curve that currently is at the intersection.

The project will be funded by the City of Charlotte Transportation Bonds approved in 2004 and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Planning and design will continue through mid-2006, and land acquisition and construction will occur during 2006 and 2007.

Project managers will schedule additional public meetings during the planning phase to keep the public informed of the project’s progress and to solicit input, which is important to the success of this project.

Dixie River Road Realignment Project


  • Includes 1) reconstruction of intersection at Shopton Road West and Steele Creek Road and 2) construction of Dixie River Road as a new fourth leg to the northwest of the intersection
  • Project goal is to improve safety and operation of intersection and relocate a portion of Dixie River Road in compliance with the Mecklenburg-Union Metropolitan Planning Organization (MUM PO)
  • A budget of $5 million was approved under the City of Charlotte's 2004 Transportation Bond, with an additional $200,000 allocated from NCDOT
  • Improvements are part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission prepared Dixie Berryhill Strategic
    Plan adopted April 2003

Project impacts on...

    Water Service

  • Improved level-of-service to Rock Island Road area with construction of a 16-inch water main along Shopton Road West between Rock Island Road and Steele Creek Road.(as part of the 2005 Annexation project)
  • Project builds on the Steele Creek/Dixie-Berryhill Traffic Impact Analysis prepared in October 2001
  • Development was forecast for: 25,000 SF Retail; 650,000 SF Office; 540,000 SF Business Park; 1,055 Townhomes; 1,828 Single-Family Homes
  • 4,663 vehicles are expected to pass through the intersection during the AM peak hour in 2010 . 4,724 vehicles are expected to pass through the intersection during the PM peak hour in 2010 . The intersection may process approximately 47,000 vehicles per day in 2010
    Drainage, Watershed, and Water Quality
  • The proposed Dixie River Road realignment will cross a tributary of Beaver Dam Creek
  • There is no floodway on the tributary to Beaver Dam Creek
  • The proposed Dixie River Road is within the Lower Lake Wylie protected watershed
  • An erosion control plan will be submitted to NCDENR for review and approval for a land disturbing permit
Milestones (estimated completion date)
  • Planning phase - Summer 2005
  • Preliminary design phase - Winter 2005
  • Final design phase - Spring 2006
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition/Utility Relocation - Fall 2006
  • Construction - 2006-2007

If you have any comments on the project, please send them to Project Manager Derrel Poole of the Charlotte Engineering and Property Management Department:

Mr. Derrel Poole
Engineering and Property Management
600 East Fourth Street
Charlotte, NC 28202-2844
(704) 353-1794
(704) 336-4554 - FAX

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